Monday, January 11, 2010

She holds the civilizations in her hands..........

I met a child somewhat three years ago, in wedding ceremony of my relative. He was a twelve years old student of class 7th, confident, intelligent but naughty and spoiled to some extent. I started talking to him, as i found him an interesting child. After getting information about his schooling, i asked some questions about his home environment, parents' attitude and ethics of his own.
While he was answering one of my questions, unconsciously told me that he often scolds his housekeepers in a very bad manner. When i asked about the reason to do this, he smiled and said, " Because my mum does this, and so i".
I saw him for a moment and then answered,"She might have a reason to scold them".
He remained satisfied, " I don't think so. She always does this to bring out her anger. Anger which is being produced due to any other reason but, not due to housekeepers".
I could not answered the twelve years old child for few minutes then i again asked, " Didn't you learn in your school that we should be very polite and kind towards our housekeepers?"
" Yes, i did." this time i smiled. " But this is of no worth for me. Why should i perform such a thing that is written in books but never applied by a single person in front of me?" i was not expecting that answer from him.
I tried for last time and said, " you are right Hassan but, there is something very important about this."
He came closer to me and asked with innocence," What?"
" We must do such thing which is good according to ethics, although never applied by a single person in front of us,because this is the point where we are called different from people around us, but still linked to the entire humanity".
He smiled beautifully and went to his mother after shaking hands with me.
I had a sad feeling for few moments.
The place where our kids can learn is not the place where they go for few hours called "School", but the place where they spend rest of the day and called "Home". A teacher is responsible to teach a student, but a mother is responsible for filling that teaching in her child's heart.
A Woman holds the civilization in her hands, she can change the world by changing and transforming her child, so he could do what he is born to?

Monday, January 4, 2010

LOVE..........the beauty of Universe

Some of my friends always surprised at me in university life. I never said a single thing "ugly" which they did most of the time. They often asked me the reason and i always answered but they could never understand my point of view. It looks sometimes very difficult to convey the feeling to other's heart, so desperately as it is in your own. May be the reason was the same and i was never be able to explain them.......
It seems hard too for me to explore that feeling now but i want to try it..
There is nothing so beautiful in this universe, except one thing "Love", and which has the ability to make everything "Beautiful". This is so right,the beauty of Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets is not of their own, It is the beauty of the relation of Love between them created by "Nature". They have to follow the rules and remain in their limits to be with this Love. The relation between earth and sky, whether in the form of rain, heat, light or snow is none other than Love.Same with spring and summer, autumn and winter. One has to come and other to go, in order to share that Love to us.
We are not beautiful but this is "Love" which is responsible to transfer this beauty to us. I have often seen faces with so common features and still they are so attractive for everyone. Everyone who wish to see beauty of the Love around himself.
Could it possible that our life remain beautiful, while we are missing this relation among our body and soul, self and conscious, the relation which is embedded in the depth of our heart and which is the reason due to which we are created.
This is my view......... which is yours. Please share.......