Friday, June 24, 2011

The Fusion of Water and Dust

The dust in the desert when faces the burning of sunlight, then desires to have water and overcome its thirst, the hot breeze when blows it makes the dust particles to scatter in the environment as a result the mist of that air blow along with dust particles produces cyclone that can ruin everything that comes in its field.

The dry dust of the desert has no worth except that desire for water, and if one day sky being so merciful sends the rain then the worth becomes worthy. The tiny drops of water when touch the dust particles and are united then gives a new identity to the dust with a breathtaking fragrance which arises from no where but the soul of that unity; the fragrance of the sodden dust. The probability to have a cyclone goes simply out of the way and the desert is no more a desert because now its earth can grow the flowery and fruitful trees from that dust just like an Oasis.

The combination of the dust of desire and water of mercy and Love made it possible for a clay to come into existence and get an identity which is called "Adam", the dust and the water are nothing independently but they are everything when in union. And this unity provides a power to grow the fruits of mercy, flowers of happiness and trees of care and love from that dust with a fragrance of Union of the water and dust that arises from nowhere but soul of the heart; the heartbeat that says every moment "Rab", and accepts the ultimate reality every passing second.

The desert of Human's heart is no more a desert when it gets the water of Love and immediately turns out to be an Oasis inside which then plays a role to make the world around an Oasis too.

The relationship of the two extremes; the rain that associates and forms a relationship between earth and sky, similarly the rain of Love associates the earth of self to the sky of selflessness.

What destiny awaits?