Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Sunday, this year......

  1. A researcher has no Sunday when he has lots of work to do.
  2. The job of a researcher can never be routine job with routine hours like 9 to 5 pm.
  3. When you do research, you should be ready to dedicate your time with full devotion whenever needed.
  4. Until and unless, you are well prepared to do research, you should not start research and once you initiate, you should be ready to utilize your full energies for it.

Yes, these are not my sayings, instead these are the sayings of my supervisor which she keep telling us whenever she feels that we are taking research as not a serious matter.

And, I am one of the most non-serious ones among the all, whether in studies, research, writing or reading, ah even in the case of household works, nobody would be more miserable than me. Sometimes people say I am lazy, sometimes that I am not fit for anything to do, sometimes they comment I am the most unpredictable person they have ever seen; and yes, I am hundred percent agreed with all of them.

I don’t want to be called as a perfect person because I am not; I am unpredictable because I love my freedom; I am lazy because I don’t want to make things feel to me like a burden, I take my time for each and everything; and yes I am inconsistent because I think that life is beautiful and sometimes stagnancy decreases its beauty.

So, I have always my own reasons for everything and people also say that they always fail to convince me to change my reasons, and I always win over them; my fate.

But this time the situation was different. The lazy, inconsistent and unpredictable Urooj was ahead of all. It’s just the matter of time, matter of state; I don’t claim that I am strong, hard working and intelligent but I have done it well.

Well, I was trying to occupy December and to prevent the month to occupy my nerves, so, decided to preoccupy my nerves with loads of work. Fortunately, the month came with the loads of work; there was a workshop that was being held by our Center and the list of pre requisites was very long. Everyone tried hard for the successful arrangements of the workshop, but I had to do some extra because I had some urgent and important lab assignments along with the workshop.

So, I cheerfully accepted every load and occupied December finally. Thanks to God that the workshop was held successfully even after the Bomb Blast in the KU last Tuesday, we continued the workshop as per schedule, and yes during these days I was fully engaged with the other facilitators and demonstrators as I had also to conduct few sessions of the workshop and to anchor the concluding ceremony due to which my lab work stopped which should have not in the normal situation.

And then, when workshop ended at last but then this Friday strike made me intolerable as I have to submit the results of my experiment on Wednesday in any condition. Yesterday, the things were moving in a slow pace as in Scientific Research nothing remains in our hand sometimes and everything is situation dependent. So, at last I had to decide what to do…….? Time is moving away and the work is still incomplete.

Finally, me and my senior colleague discussed the scenario yesterday afternoon and took a brave decision; to continue our work today that means on Sunday.

I must tell you that people also say that I take decisions very quickly without thinking about the results, but I guess that is the most sensible thing in me that I don’t waste my time by thinking very much. I just do what I feel is right according to the situation and thanks to God that most of the time my decisions are proved to be right.

So, me and my colleague went today and did our work without any lab assistants; I myself unlocked the labs that we had to use, tissue culture, cold room, resource lab bla bla…. The University was like a desolate place, empty and uninhabited.

We worked four hours continuously, and then we had to leave the experiment overnight at one stage, we stopped at that point and now we will continue tomorrow morning.

I left home at 9 a.m. in the morning and came back at 3 p.m., can never imagine to ruin my Sunday like this in normal condition; to wake up early on a Sunday, the only holiday after a fully tiring week, could never be possible before today but things change and today was a day of change.

I woke up early in a winter Sunday, oh it was too difficult for me but I did it, and when I returned home in the late afternoon, I was so tired but satisfied.

Now, I am just thinking that the first Sunday of this new year was no Sunday for me; would it mean that I will be having no Sunday this year…..hmmm what to say?

This year is going to have loads of hard work for me, I feel; but I am glad perhaps in this way, I would be able to achieve some of my goals I have set for my life. I am glad even if it is like that, because the only thing that pleases me, is the Accomplishment no matter what energy I would have to utilize for it.

So, No Sunday….No Holiday; the gift from the New year for me.