Monday, February 28, 2011

The Science of Love

The seed of Love, whenever is sown into the earth of heart, the earth should be well nourished with nutrients of passion and water of desire so that this seed would be able to get the complete set of requirement for its germination.

And then the seed of Love germinates and grows into two different directions; a radicle or seed root that grows deep into the earth of heart so that it can embed its roots firmly to hold the ground and the plumule or shoot that grows above the ground to catch the sunlight and air so that it can get the illumination and oxygen of life.

And then the seed of the Love grows, grows and transforms itself into a Tree of the Love by getting nourishment from its heart full of desires, passions, determination and taking air of freedom and sunlight of obedience, grows into roots of the self, shoots of the belief, branches of the ambitions, leaves of the relationships, flowers of the happiness and finally fruits of the Love.

And then the process begins, of the Nature. The tree has to complete the cycle; the purpose of its formation; the process of Photosynthesis of the Love begins. The green pigment of subjugation called as chlorophyll, captures the sunlight of obedience and Carbondioxide of the hatred from the air, gets the water of desire from the ground of heart, converts both of them into the Glucose of the Life, provides that food to the outer world in the form of the flowers of the happiness and the fruits of the Love and care, and so the cycle continues.

The tree doesn’t breath throughout the day when the sunlight of obedience makes it to just continue the Photosynthesis of the Love, whereas at night it is free to inhale the fresh oxygen of the freedom and Love from the air around it and to exhale the Carbondioxide of the hatred outside, so this will keep the tree alive and fresh for the next whole sunny day to continue the process of Photosynthesis.

Nature chooses its ways to continue the Universe, and the Science of Love is one of the ways to keep the world beautiful, peaceful, prosperous and full of happiness. So, if you are standing firmly with your ground of heart, exposing yourself to the illumination and the air, continuing the cycle of Photosynthesis of the Love during the sunny day by inhaling the hatred, absorbing the obedience and exhaling the Love and happiness, don’t be worry, Nature will allow you to inhale the oxygen of the freedom and happiness at night when the rest of the world will be unconscious and you will see, how much Nature Loves you because you are important, You are the Tree of the Love.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Keep your child away from me

"Urooj! You are gonna spoil my child." My elder sister remarked when I was teaching her only son that how to make others restless when they are at rest and we don't want to see them at rest.

"Yes, off course. I am spoiling your child because I am already spoiled and just can teach children how to be spoiled ones." I replied satisfactorily while throwing the ball towards two years old Abdullah.

"But, I don't want him to be like you." She was irritated.

"Then keep him away from me and protect him to be spoiled if you can. As much as he would be near me, would become just like me." I smiled and had a deep sense of satisfaction.

"Ok, fine. Abdullah! come here and don't go again towards your Khala." She took him in the other room.

My elder sister lives at the other corner of the city and so whenever visits us, spends almost a whole week; always tries to prevent his exposure to me but remains most of the time unsuccessful as I always have things for him that attract him and he comes to me immediately.

So, when she took a decision to keep him away from me as usual, she forgot everything in the evening because she had much more to discuss about her shopping, clothes and designs that she was going to have on these clothes.

As she was discussing all this to my mother and other sisters, I called Abdullah.

"Hey, Abdullah! come here and lets have a bhangra dance. I know you are feeling bad and bored as you are like me, are not much interested in Your mother's shopping. Come here, hurry up. Let's have something very exciting." He came towards me.

I took my cell phone, played the song "Jugni Jee(Coke Studio)" and as the music was played, immediately he got attracted and smiled in a lovely way like he is feeling the rhythm.

So, I taught him how to have bhangra on Jugni Jee, and his mother in the same room was unconcerned and totally grasped with her creative ideas of designing clothes.

He and me kept dancing Bhangra and so in almost same situations for next few days, I kept teaching him how to do a Bhangra dance and he kept learning. And whenever he came towards after that, just called in his beautiful tone and voice:

"Ooshh (Short version of Urooj), song....." also describing his wish with hands in the air, to explain me that I should play the song "Dum Gutkoon, Dum Gutkoon" so he can dance.

Hmmmm, and so I spoiled him in just a week, just imagine if he would have lived with me all the time, how much he would be spoiled? His mother would have killed me till this moment.

He went back to his home but didn't forget the lesson I had given to him.

Now, he knows and remembers me with "Dum Gutkoon" and before that he never remembered me very much.

Yesterday night, he was ill and had a great fever that everybody was worried for him, he was admitted in the hospital and today in the morning when my mother went to visit him in the hospital, as I had to go to the University and I couldn't go along with my mother.

He was lying on the bed; having a drip attached with his hand and still he was saying:

"Baba....Cartoon (Baba, I want to watch Cartoon), Mama......tiger, Kaka.....cell (Mama, ask Kaka to bring battery cell for my tiger) and then when her Phuppo asked him, "Abdullah, who says 'Dum Gutkoon'?" he immediately replied:

"Oooj, Khala Jani" and raised his hand attached with the drip. On this his mother scolded him, "Abdullah, why are you so restless that you are increasing your pain?" and then cursed me, "Urooj, you have spoiled my child."

I heard the story from my mother and kept laughing for a while.

"This is not my fault. I had alarmed her that he will be spoiled if he would be with me." I replied simply.

So, keep children away from me otherwise they will be spoiled.