Monday, February 7, 2011

Keep your child away from me

"Urooj! You are gonna spoil my child." My elder sister remarked when I was teaching her only son that how to make others restless when they are at rest and we don't want to see them at rest.

"Yes, off course. I am spoiling your child because I am already spoiled and just can teach children how to be spoiled ones." I replied satisfactorily while throwing the ball towards two years old Abdullah.

"But, I don't want him to be like you." She was irritated.

"Then keep him away from me and protect him to be spoiled if you can. As much as he would be near me, would become just like me." I smiled and had a deep sense of satisfaction.

"Ok, fine. Abdullah! come here and don't go again towards your Khala." She took him in the other room.

My elder sister lives at the other corner of the city and so whenever visits us, spends almost a whole week; always tries to prevent his exposure to me but remains most of the time unsuccessful as I always have things for him that attract him and he comes to me immediately.

So, when she took a decision to keep him away from me as usual, she forgot everything in the evening because she had much more to discuss about her shopping, clothes and designs that she was going to have on these clothes.

As she was discussing all this to my mother and other sisters, I called Abdullah.

"Hey, Abdullah! come here and lets have a bhangra dance. I know you are feeling bad and bored as you are like me, are not much interested in Your mother's shopping. Come here, hurry up. Let's have something very exciting." He came towards me.

I took my cell phone, played the song "Jugni Jee(Coke Studio)" and as the music was played, immediately he got attracted and smiled in a lovely way like he is feeling the rhythm.

So, I taught him how to have bhangra on Jugni Jee, and his mother in the same room was unconcerned and totally grasped with her creative ideas of designing clothes.

He and me kept dancing Bhangra and so in almost same situations for next few days, I kept teaching him how to do a Bhangra dance and he kept learning. And whenever he came towards after that, just called in his beautiful tone and voice:

"Ooshh (Short version of Urooj), song....." also describing his wish with hands in the air, to explain me that I should play the song "Dum Gutkoon, Dum Gutkoon" so he can dance.

Hmmmm, and so I spoiled him in just a week, just imagine if he would have lived with me all the time, how much he would be spoiled? His mother would have killed me till this moment.

He went back to his home but didn't forget the lesson I had given to him.

Now, he knows and remembers me with "Dum Gutkoon" and before that he never remembered me very much.

Yesterday night, he was ill and had a great fever that everybody was worried for him, he was admitted in the hospital and today in the morning when my mother went to visit him in the hospital, as I had to go to the University and I couldn't go along with my mother.

He was lying on the bed; having a drip attached with his hand and still he was saying:

"Baba....Cartoon (Baba, I want to watch Cartoon), Mama......tiger, Kaka.....cell (Mama, ask Kaka to bring battery cell for my tiger) and then when her Phuppo asked him, "Abdullah, who says 'Dum Gutkoon'?" he immediately replied:

"Oooj, Khala Jani" and raised his hand attached with the drip. On this his mother scolded him, "Abdullah, why are you so restless that you are increasing your pain?" and then cursed me, "Urooj, you have spoiled my child."

I heard the story from my mother and kept laughing for a while.

"This is not my fault. I had alarmed her that he will be spoiled if he would be with me." I replied simply.

So, keep children away from me otherwise they will be spoiled.


  1. Really cute post... Brought a big smile on my face :)

  2. Ohh what a waste, you have spoilt him. This is a common problem now a day. The same happened with me last night, watching “royal rumble” my mother repeatedly asked me not to watch it with my princess but I let her enjoy. In the early morning she climbed to the adjacent window and jumped over my mother's arthritis replaced knee. Mother could not even move and was nearly crying when I picked my daughter up. Mother was in a furious mode seeing that I slipped to the next room where I received a powerful blow from my two years old daughter. Someone murmured in my ear “stays safe don’t try this “. This is what we are doing to our children. You may be kidding but it is a modern reality that sometimes we unintentionally contribute to bad habits of our young ones. But you have done nothing bad as compared to me so don’t worry keep it up. .

  3. Yeah that's why i never met Abdullah :p he will get spoiled!! He will start to hang an "alternative" id in first place as he meets me. :D

    Urooj! As i read this post, word "freedom" slashed my mind and did thumbs up to my favorite sentence

    "meri marzi main jo bhi karun" :D

  4. the post Urooj....I hope he is feeling better now....

    Children are the joy of ones life....enjoy.

  5. Asma, thank you for reading and liking the post.

  6. Sir Peerless, thank you for reading and sharing your personal experience. I personally think that one has to be careful in the case of children but sometimes extraordinary care spoils them also. We should give some space to kids to explore things on their own.

  7. riz, thank you for reading and commenting.

    I think that I will never let him to meet him to you, I am enough to spoil him and if he ever got an "alternative" id for him, his mother will surely kill me.

    And, yes the freedom is one of the blessings from God and sometimes we have to use it.

  8. Thinking, thank you for coming. And yes, world will be colorless if there would be no children. They are the sign of beauty, love and happiness.

  9. You thought you were spoiling Abdullah instead he was keeping alive in Ooshh the eternal child that rests in us and gets restless on times and want to dance and make us realize that life is all about pace, movement and indulgence. Jugnee jee stirs the restfulness of the adult in you and the outcome
    is the Bhangra that you do on the tune of Dum Gutkoo.

  10. Sir Akhtar, thank you for reading and commenting. Your comment just made me to have a big smile.

  11. I bet He would be looking very cute doing bangra.

    who's 'Dum Gutkoon'?......... "Oooj, Khala Jani" that would be soo cute.

  12. Talha, thank you for reading and commenting.

    Yes, he was looking very cute at the moment.

  13. waee jaanu baby abdullah must be.. and the way he says Oooj khala must fill u with love everytym:D
    p.s its fun to spoil siblings kids.hahaah

  14. Asma, thank you for reading and commenting. Keep coming.

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