Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye December......!

December always remained important during my whole life for me. The reason is not that it is my birth month, instead the reason is something else.

December whenever comes, brings strange things for me; things I can never give them any name; strange feelings, desires and thoughts. The cold and sad evenings bring an unknown sorrow, hard to describe the details of that sorrow.

The sunset of December looks always very beautiful but it is rather scary sometimes, winds penetrating into body change the whole set of mind of mine. I kept thinking the irrelevant things; the stupid and silly things (you will surely call them if you know what do I think?) that have no importance for me in the rest of eleven months of the year.

Sometimes, I fear from December; wish it not to come and pass without entrance; the thought is itself very silly.

I never waste much of my time in eleven months how much I waste in December; in a single month; kept thinking for hours without a reason and the thoughts are always purposeless. They never gave me anything fruitful; they just remind me that I have not done anything during the whole year and ruined it like the previous year passed it as a labor.

It's odd to think that nobody loves me; while I know many people who love me so much are around but I use to think like this in December. The month brings a state of mental and spiritual restlessness which makes me arrogant, senseless and sometimes harsh in behavior; the reason is still unknown.

I am sharing a poem, I have just written yesterday night and it has the same strange and odd feelings like my odd behavior in December.

I wish the next December would be different, would not like this and would not change my thoughts and my attitude; however I know its just a wish perhaps........

Well, but now December is going; so, Goodbye December!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love is just Love

To define "Love" is may be the most difficult task in the world for anyone or at least for me it would be very hard to define the "Reason" of this Universe that is Love for me.

But then I think that what if we don't define the Love, Love won't matter it at all.

Love doesn't need any explanation for its existence, it does exist because Universe needs it, life needs it, we need it. It is the beauty that has over-casted the Universe since the very first day of its creation and thus it is the real reason for this universe to be beautiful, created due to Love, with Love and for Love. It glimpses in the eyes like light and reflects into tears, it giggles in the child's laughter and beams into old's smile. It defines the hardness of the stone, redness of the rose, coolness of the air, flow of the waterfall, greenery of the trees, shining of the sun, lightening of the moon, heaviness of the clouds, courage to survive, desire to breathe and live a living life and all of above it defines the Universality of the universe. Perhaps these all things also define Love in their own specific ways, so Love has no definition or it has unlimited unique definitions with various applications but every definition is based on the same principle: "Love is just Love, unconditional, unreasonable but selfless, courageous, enthusiastic but patient, passionate and determined."

So, if you are observing beauty all around you and finding peace and prosperity, believe me you are in Love with the "Love".

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The call for help...........

Following is the detail of the update of Flood relief work from our group "Friends Indeed" which I have posted on my blog http://helpingfloodvictims.blogspot.com/

I am copying the same post here as this blog is read by more visitors as compare to that blog and so, the word will be read by more people.

As earlier I had posted that we have now started the rehabilitation process for the flood affected people. And for the first project, we have successfully helped to built six houses for almost forty people to again start their routine life in the area of Sajawal. These are some pictures of construction of those houses.

We further want to continue this rehabilitation work as more families are still in need of help in order to rehabilitate their lives once again, but we are short of funds. Also, there upcoming the winters and flood victims are in urgent need of warm clothes and other necessities as we all know that Nights in Sindh are so cold during winters. We have also planned to collect funds as much as possible till the Eid-ul-Azha which is coming in mid of November and to provide as much aid to those flood affected people as we can. I therefore request to all of you that please don't think that there is no need to help further, still there are thousands of people who are suffering for a single meal, the change in weather also has spread some serious diseases and they still are waiting for our help, so please spread this word and join our hands to facilitate them and their needs.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (VII)

The Allahabad Address (1930)

Indeed the first practical step that Islam took towards the realization of a final combination of humanity was to call upon peoples possessing practically the same ethical ideal to come forward and combine. The Quran declares, “O people of the Book! Come let us join together on the ‘word’ (Unity of God), that is common to us all.” The wars of Islam and Christianity, and, later, European aggression in its various forms, could not allow the infinite meaning of this verse to work itself out in the world of Islam. Today it is being gradually being realized in the countries of Islam in the shape of what is called Muslim Nationalism.

The conclusive remarks

"Islam has the ideals that can lead humankind to the ultimate destiny. Like Inductive reasoning which is a moral Ideal, democracy is the ideal for the politics. Democracy in Islam gives the right to women, slaves and Plebeians for development of society, because every human is supposed to be a centre of latent power. Europe helped the Muslims to restore their democracy, but Islam has better ideals than Europe."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (VI)

Islam and Ahmedism (1935)

During the nineteenth century were born Syed Ahmad Khan in India, Syed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani in Afghanistan and Mufti Alam Jan in Russia… It is not possible here to give a detailed account of the transformation which these reformers brought about in the world of Muslim thought and feeling. One thing, however, is clear. They prepared to a great extent the ground for another set of men, i.e. Zaghlul Pasha, Mustafa Kamal and Raza Shah. The reformers interpreted, argued and explained but the set of men who came after them, although inferior in academic learning, were men who, relying on their healthy instincts, had the courage to rush into sun-lit space and do, even by force, what the new conditions of life demanded. Such men are liable to make mistakes; but the history of nations shows that even their mistakes have sometimes borne good fruit. In them it is not logic but life that struggles restless to solve its own problems. It may be pointed out here that Syed Ahrnad Khan, Syed Jamal-ud-Din Afghani and hundreds of the latter’s disciples in Muslim countries were not Westernized Muslims. They were men who had sat on their knees before the mullas of the old school and had breathed the very intellectual and spiritual atmosphere which they later sought to reconstruct. Pressure of modern ideas may be admitted; hut the history thus briefly indicated above clearly shows that the upheaval which has come to Turkey and which is likely, sooner or later, to come to other Muslim countries, is almost wholly determined by the forces within. It is only the superficial observer of the modern world of Islam who thinks that the present crisis in the world of Islam is wholly due to the working of alien forces.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (V)

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (1930-34)

The idealism of Europe never became a living factor in her life, and the result is a perverted ego seeking itself through mutually intolerant democracies whose sole function is to exploit the poor in the interest of the rich. Believe me, Europe to-day is the greatest hindrance in the way of man's ethical advancement. The Muslim, on the other hand, is in possession of these ultimate ideas on the basis of a revelation, which, speaking from the inmost depths of life, internalizes its own apparent externality. With him the spiritual basis of life is a matter of conviction for which even the least enlightened man among us can easily lay down his life; and in view of the basic idea of Islam that there can be no further revelation binding on man, we ought to be spiritually one of the most emancipated peoples on earth. Early Muslims emerging out of the spiritual slavery of pre-Islamic Asia were not in a position to realize the true significance of this basic idea. Let the Muslim of to-day appreciate his position, reconstruct his social life in the light of ultimate principles, and evolve, out of the hitherto partially revealed purpose of Islam, that spiritual democracy which is the ultimate aim of Islam.

Democracy according to Iqbal (IV)

Muslim Democracy (1917)

The Democracy of Europe—overshadowed by socialistic agitation and anarchical fear originated mainly in the economic regeneration of European societies. Nietzsche, however, abhors this “rule of the herd” and, hopeless of the plebeian, he bases all higher culture on the cultivation and growth of an Aristocracy of Supermen. But is the plebeian so absolutely hopeless? The Democracy of Islam did not grow out of the extension of economic opportunity, it is a spiritual principle based on the assumption that every human being is a centre of latent power, the possibilities of which can be developed by cultivating a certain type of character. Out of the plebeian material Islam has formed men of the noblest type of life and power. Is not, then, the Democracy of early Islam an experimental refutation of the ideas of Nietzsche?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (III)

Stray Reflections (1910)

The imperial ambitions of the various nations of Europe indicate that the Westerners are tired of Democracy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (II)

Islam As A Moral and Political Ideal (1909)

Democracy, then, is the most important aspect of Islam regarded as a political ideal. It must however be confessed that the Muslims, with their ideal of individual freedom, could do nothing for the political improvement of Asia. Their democracy lasted only thirty years and disappeared with their political expansion. Though the principle of election was not quite original in Asia (since the ancient Parthian Government was based on the same principle), yet somehow or other it was not suited to the nations of Asia in the early days of Islam… England, in fact, is doing one of our own great duties, which unfavourable circumstances did not permit us to perform. It is not the number of Muhammeadans which it protects, but the spirit of the British Empire that makes it the greatest Muhammadan Empire in the world.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

SOIS workshop held on 16th October at i2L Academy: "Democracy according to Iqbal (I)"

Generally when concept of democracy is being discussed according to Iqbal, there are various misinterpretations that are commonly observed among the people. This workshop helped to reveal the hidden meanings of democracy for Iqbal and how Iqbal defines the democracy in Islam.

Seven different excerpts from different periods of Iqbal's life and different works of Iqbal were discussed. I will post them one by one so readers would also be able to discuss them easily.

Political Thought in Islam (1908)

In theory all Muslims, men and women, possess the right of election. There is no property qualification. In practice, however, women and slaves did not exercise this right. Some of the early lawyers seem to have recognized the danger of mass-elections as they endeavor to show that the right of election resides only in the tribe of the Prophet. Whether the seclusion of women grew up in order to make women incapable of exercising a right which in theory could not be denied to them, I cannot say.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review on SOIS workshop: “What is Literature?” held on Saturday, 9th October 2010 at i2L Academy, PECHS, Karachi.

The weekend again had some new and unique things to know and think about literature, as this workshop was an effort to know the concept of literature and role of writers and poets in building a nation according to Iqbal.

Some excerpts from Asrar-o-Rumooz were read and then the participants were invited to revisit their own concepts of literature in the light of Iqbal’s views about good and bad literature. It was surprisingly observed that most of the qualities that were described as “bad” by the participants turned out to be the qualities of “good” literature according to Iqbal.

For Iqbal the literature should not slavishly imitate the existing realities but should be idealistic. Writers can address the existing issues and their solutions through characters that should become ideals for the readers, so that readers learn to apply the same approach in their lives. Also, writers and poets are responsible to guide the readers towards the positive side of the world, and to describe and show beauty, love, desire and the quest for glory. Literature should have vision and inspiration that could lead the reader towards character development and could unfold the layers of thinking in their mind.

Later, the literature of Pakistan since Iqbal was revisited in the light of the seven stages of Pakistan’s history and the ideals commonly sought by the nation, to see which writers and poets have influenced the masses most during various periods of our history.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What is History?

Yesterday, there was the first workshop of the five workshops series "What is Pakistan?" which will be held in the month of October 2010 presented by SOIS, and the focus was on the "History".

We all have different views about history. How we look it, what do we feel about it, what is actually the role of the history in our life, etc.

Let's see how Iqbal, Waheed Murad, Goethe and Ibne-Safi look the History and what relationship of History can we found with our lives through their legendary works.

At the beginning of the session, we discussed that What is History for different ideologies and during this Sir Khurram mentioned that many people have considered history as "The story of the Soul", after which we had a brain-storming session in which participants discussed about the current problems of Pakistan. There were many but finally it was decided with consensus that there is only one problem that is related to history and that is "Identity Crisis".

In the next part of the session, I had to present a poem by Tasleem Faazli which was from the movie "Hero" and the song was picturized on Waheed Murad and Babrah Shareef with the lyrics

Mil gaye tum to ik yehi ghum hai (After finding you there is only one grief)

Pyar ziada hai zindagi kum hai (Love is more and life is less)

There were two things that were discussed in the session about the song. First, either it was a happy one or a sad one? because it has both type of emotions and words in it. Then how the song defines the relationship between hero and heroin? Participants discussed both of the questions with great interest.

When I had watched the song before the session, I felt that the relationship was something like body and soul because both of them can not live together forever but then I was not able to find the connection of it with history. But when sir Khurram told earlier in the session that history is also called as the story of the soul my confusion was solved. History is something that is related to our soul, and our soul is not bound within any dimensions so History therefore remains unaffected with the circumstances and shapes itself independently of other parameters.

Then Sir quoted a quotation from Goethe, "One who can not draw on three thousand years is living hand to mouth".

After that a poem of Iqbal from "Baal-e-Jibreel" was quoted.

Since, through these workshops we are trying to discover the realities of Pakistan, therefore we also discussed the history of Pakistan through seven stages. I am just copying the detail of these stages from the work of Sir Khurram “Roshni ki Talash (2010)” because I can never describe it in my own words.

1. (1887-1906) Seek consensus: Our present journey started on December 27, 1886, when Muslim representatives from all over the sub-continent gathered at Aligarh and agreed to take all collective decisions with “consensus.” Mohammedan Educational Conference took this message to the masses and twenty years later a remarkable “consensus” was achieved when the community rose above sectarianism to form a common political party.

2. (1907-1926) Think long-term: All-India Muslim League, formed by consensus of the community, demanded separate electorates which were achieved twenty years later when the masses participated in general elections with great enthusiasm, casting votes according to separate electorates.

3. (1927-1946) Rise above yourself: Results of Election 1926 displayed unrestrained egoism: no single political party had been able to gain significance among Muslims. Iqbal showed that ego can only be perfected by achieving “a real collective ego”, and that requires selflessness. The biggest display of selflessness in recorded history was seen twenty years later when millions of Muslims from minority provinces voted for the creation of a country they were not destined to live in.

4. (1947-1966) Respect the law: The birth of Pakistan meant that revolutions can be brought without breaking the law. The masses remained true to this message throughout the next twenty years, while various systems of government got tried out.

5. (1967-1986) Unite organically: Results of Election 1970 called upon the nation to urgently discover a deeper source of Unity, since no political party had gained significance in both wings of the country. Leaders failed and the country broke into two but “Unity” remained a dominant ideal in one form or another throughout the next twenty years.

6. (1987-2006) Learn through experience: Before the “Unity” dreamed by some visionaries could become a reality, the nation had to undergo a stage where it could act and feel as if it was other than itself.

7. (2007-2026) Accept: The Lawyers’ Movement of 2007 was unique because the masses led their “leaders” rather than the other way round, and achieved stated goals without using violence. Can the same spirit be displaced while coping with other crises that seem to be awaiting us? The future of the people of Pakistan may well depend on that.

After tea, Sir Ahmed Safi read a part of Masnavi from Asrar-o-Rumuz that was related to history and the main idea was that One who remains aware and attached to his history only can survive with his present and future. And then he read an abstract from a novel of Ibne-safi which had quite the same message.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review on SOIS workshop: Waheed Murad "A spiritual journey"

The workshop that was conducted on "Waheed Murad: A spiritual Journey" by Sir Khurram ALi Shafique on Saturday 25th of September 2010, was one of the beautiful spiritual experiences of my life, may be other participants had felt the same.

Before starting video clip session, Sir distributed a handout to all participants in which a short abstract from one of the novels from Ibn-e-Safi was given, everybody read it and Sir also asked about the views of participants that which of the heroin of that time would have suited the character of Sabiha in novel. Then video session was started.

In the first clip when camera entered the street where Amir lives, everybody with his personal experiences found himself at a different place having a different role in the clip. Most of the participants were found to be with Amir, while he was telling us about his world and things and people of the street he lived including those kids who do not appreciate his art and Mr. Bezar who has no listener of his old classical music. It was like knowing his world with his views, seeing with his eyes. In the very next clip, the feedback from the participants was increased and everybody shared what he had thought about the song "Aaj achanak" and the attitude of Amir towards life and people around him and actions that he performed during the song.

Then after watching the third clip, almost every one was now able to differentiate between the two songs and behavior of Amir and Bezar Sahib.

Before the short tea and Namaz break Sir Khurram played one more clip from the movie in which almost same situation came which was in the abstract from the novel of Ibn-e-Safi, hence everybody recognized the scene and found the connection between the two legends (Waheed Murad and Ibn-e-Safi) which is still strange and mysterious.

After that the fourth clip which is the last song of the movie "Akhri baar" played and we visited the soul of Amir where suddenly film was being transformed from black and white to color. This was another interesting experience and in the discussion after the song that was actually in the fantasy of Amir, it was discussed that Aaliya who was the heroin of the movie had the same name as of Waheed Murad daughter, so could Aaliya be a metaphor of the next generation which Waheed Murad had used in his movie. Then final clip with climax was played and after a little discussion session was ended.

In the movie every viewer seems to visit his mind first and then his soul, so the film is all about stream of consciousness, and may be Waheed Murad wanted to convey his message through this stream of consciousness.

The quality of the workshop was that it was different from typical workshops that are usually conducted. While playing different clips from movie "Ishara", sir Khurram did not explain many things himself, but created a free environment in which everybody was participating more than his expectations even and things which he wanted to explain, people themselves were approaching those experiences and answers of different unexplained things were coming before explanation.

Salma Waheed Murad whose presence was very important for all of us, praised the work of Sir Khurram and clearly claimed that he is being chosen for this work. I agree with her, Do you?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today, I had some very new and beautiful experiences while i was attending the SOIS workshop on "Waheed Murad: a spiritual journey".

I just came to know about further different aspects of "Ishara" which even I could not observed when saw these clips from the movie on Sir Khurram's blog.

Second important thing was that I got a chance to meet Salma Waheed Murad for the first time and it was nice to see her sharing her feelings with us.

The third and the most important thing was that I met with Sir Akhtar Wasim Dar there, he came and I did not know that he is coming. When he entered the room, I surprisingly stared him, because I got a sense of familiarity, then I recognized him.

Although, I wanted to talk to him more but in a short time that I got, it was very nice to hear him while I am used to hear him through his writings and now I was honored to hear him speaking in front of me.

I felt this feeling of happiness and satisfaction very few times in my life after meeting someone. It was a source of energy for me to meet such a person who is really a source of inspiration during my writings.

May be one day, InshAllah when I will meet Connie who is also a source of inspiration for me like many others in RR, this feeling of happiness will be with me again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

what we can do?

During the different visits to interior Sind and Karachi Flood relief camps for the last month, I personally experienced few things that had shaken me when I thought about them in detail. I want to discuss these things with you all and ask for the advices if anyone has better ideas and we can solve this issue.

We visited several different camps even without the fear of security we approached to the affected people who were not registered in any camp and just set their fragile and unreliable shelters wherever they got place. They were needy, hungry, thirsty for clean drinking water, kids wanting milk, showing so much desperation that went to mismanagement and disordered things. They do not want to wait till their number to come, instead they want to get the things and aid at first and for doing this they do not hesitate to crush others' rights who are also needy like them.

Many of us at different places, when observed the same situation found hard to work in these circumstances and felt miserable for the people who could not wait just a little till their turn. But then we felt that it's so natural.

They do it because they do not trust that they will get and aid will not be stopped till their turn. They have experienced much hunger and thirst that have brought a sense of insecurity inside them. They have experienced the injustice during the distribution of relief goods by the government and even from certain organizations.

Someone when remarked that these people are criminal minded and do not have any ethical and moral values, just want to snatch everything in their reach. The most simple answer that I heard from many of us was that if this is a standard to check the criminal mind of someone, then I think three quarters of the total population of this country are criminal minded.

What behavior it will be called when people rush without any ethical law towards the meal in a wedding ceremony and pushing each other like they have never been to eat anything. What attitude it will be named when people do not want to stand in a queue and wait till their turn but they break the line rushing towards the counter without caring about the rights of the people who are standing and waiting before them. This is the very usual attitude of our society that everyone seems in a hurry and move fast than other but not on his own foot instead by crushing other's foot.

Although, they are poor and misconduct with people many times even with them who have come to help them in this worst condition, but this is a truth that the major reason for that is their sense of insecurity, they consider us untrustworthy who can betray them anytime and use them for our own purpose.

There is good and bad, genuine and impure, everywhere in this world. We have to discriminate it on our own and if we can not then we should not leave good and genuine due to the only reason that there is bad and impure which also exists and can cause problems.

For this reason, we found out the solution and first after approaching any camp, try to convince people that they should follow some rules and ethical laws for pure distribution of goods and stuff. Dr. Kashif being very useful in this matter, as he can speak Sindhi frequently, tried to mange things and was successful at most of the times.

So, if we can do something for them that it is hope that should not die among them and we can keep hope for them alive by changing our attitude towards them and providing goods and stuff by making a trust with purity and justice. Also, please try when anyone of you people who are working for flood relief camps and face the panic and rushing situation during the process of distribution, do not throw things to them instead stop providing things till a specific time and try to convince them that control and management is necessary and they should follow some ethics. You will find some troubles initially but then people will understand and believe you and when they will believe you, they will not extend their hands except they will wait for you to reach them on their turn. Believe me, it is not impossible we can do it with a little more struggle. If they are illiterate, we can teach them ethics of life. If they are misbehaved, we can change their behavior. If they are insane, we can enlighten their senses. And this all we can do just by treating them as we treat our brothers and sisters got a trouble and behaving not well, and we still want to help them. Give them respect a human deserves, speak politely and they will respect you in a way you can not expect. Try it once, change the scenario, avail this opportunity to aware them.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friends Indeed........

After having a successful visit to Sukkur for Relief camp, everybody in this friends group wanted to continue work for Flood Victims as much as possible till the very end of the rehabilitation of Flood victims.

So, I am going to start a new blog with the name Friends Indeed.......which would be used as a Forum to co-operate, collaborate and to collect funds on a larger scale for continuation of this relief work.

This is the url of the blog:

I have started to post the details of our work from the very first day, so everyone is requested to share his part as possible.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The hope is alive..........

For the last month, I was worried about the flood conditions in the whole country but I wondered if I could do anything for the affected people.

Ramzan ul Mubarak has got a special quality that it brings accomplishment of our wishes sometimes even if we don't pray for that. I think that is the reason for which I got an opportunity to do something for the affected people.

Dr. Hena told me about the group of some of her friends who were willing to work for the flood victims, don't know how she thought but when she offered me and Komal to join the group for the relief work, it was a great surprise full of a feeling of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Komal could not make it but she helped in the management of the trip and supported me to make it.

During the very short period of just three to four days, we managed to collect funds, buying stuff and to arrange other necessities for the journey. The plan was to take off from Karachi Friday Morning and to serve next two days in such a way that all resources and capabilities could be utilized for the relief of flood victims. Everybody worked hard and showed great interest for collecting funds and performing different tasks which were set for the plan.

I was very amazed to see the potential of people whom I started working with; they were all so courageous and passionate for the purpose. Most of them were very young guys and I was pleased to see their eagerness and being a part of such a team. Those who were a bit senior, being very supportive and helping with their experience in every matter made it easy for youngsters to collaborate and manage things in a better way.

On Friday Morning, 20th August, there were eleven people who were departing for the interior of Sind.

Dr. Kashif, Dr. Mohammad Ali, Dr. Faraz, Dr. Nausheen, Shabbir (Tabba Heart Institute), Dr. Hena (Civil Hospital), Mehmood, Ahsan and Omer (IBA), Rizwan and off course me too was a part of that excellent team.

We almost spent three days out of Karachi and the details are:

Friday: We left Karachi at 10 o'clock in the morning, spent almost eight hours in travelling when reached Sukkur. Having Iftar and Maghrib prayer at Sukkur, we moved towards Mirpur Mathelo and arrived there at ten in the evening and stayed at FFC guest house. After dinner and Isha prayer, we planned for the next day tasks and went to sleep.

Saturday: We left Mathelo at 5 o'clock in the morning just after Fajr and reached Kandh Kot at about 10 o'clock. There we held our medical camp in a small village at two different places few kilometers away each other. We also distributed some food items like milk packs, juices and mineral water bottles. After Zauhar prayer we moved towards Kashmor and on the way from Kashmor to Guddu barrage, we distributed these food items in different camps found on the way. We reached Guddu barrage at the time of Iftar and moved towards Mirpur Mathelo back right after Iftar. It was a hectic day as weather was so hot and humid and everybody was Fasting, so the day was proved to be an examination for our patience and courage. Everyone worked hard suffering the severe climate of Sind in fasting condition but Allah gave enough strength to us that we occupied this suffering. Before going to bed, again plan for the next day was discussed.

Sunday: As we had planned to return back till Sunday night, we moved towards Sukkur at 8 o'clock and reached there exactly at 11 o'clock in the morning. After having a survey about the camps that were found in Sukkur, we selected a camp and held a medical camp for almost three to four hours continuously, along with few guys of the team started distributing food items, also we had purchased a food package from Sukkur in a bulk containing (Water cooler with 2.5 kg Rice, 1kg sugar, 1kg lentil, 1lit milk, 200g tea, 0.5 kg dates, 4 soaps for face washing, 4 soaps for cloth washing, 10 sachet of shampoo and 1 comb) and distributed these in different camps on our way among approximately 475 families. We had our memorable Iftar that evening with a Khan sahib (Attaullah) who was a family friend of Dr. Faraz and also working for the relief of flood victims. He was so courteous, kind and open hearted man that despite of our refusal, manged to agree us for Iftar with him. After another long, tiring day, we rested at his home to refresh ourselves and left for Karachi after Maghrib.

With few little stay on our way, along with flavorsome ice cream of Matyari and Sehri at an open air hotel on the way from Hyderabad to Karachi, we reached Karachi at 6 o'clock on Monday morning.

Everybody was fatigued but pleased due to the successful accomplishment of our target. We touched our target very successfully by providing cooked food to approximately 1000 people and other stuff like juices, milk and biscuits to 2500 people, set mobile medical camps at different areas with provision of medicines of about 2,75,000 rupees.

I had to report at NCP on Monday morning, so I reached home at 6:45 a.m. and was at NCP exactly 8:30 in the morning. I think what i had done, gave me strength to make it otherwise i was not able to manage it.

I have got a feeling of satisfaction that I can't express in words, for the first time I understood the real meaning of fasting and other obligatory rituals that we perform. The real, courage and inner satisfaction that is superior to every other joy, the feeling of sacrifice of desires and personal aspirations for the sake of others.

It was a great working experience with some selfless persons, who sacrificed their money, time and potential without any benefit. I enjoyed the whole trip very much, everybody was friendly and we spent three days together just like a family, although there were many people whom I was meeting for the first time in my life but the relationship that brought us all in a closed contact was none other than our purpose. For this purpose and beautiful reason, Allah Taalah helped us throughout the journey and we made it back home safely.

There were few experiences that made me to think that the responsibility is now on the entire Nation, to unite and manage things in a more proper way for the relief of these victims. There are a lot of diseases that are being spread in the flood affected areas and even among the people who have migrated towards camps. The common ones are skin allergies, diarrhea and body pain. Dehydration due to the lack of clean drinking water is also very common in children, so in order to save their lives, the very first priority should be to provide them pure drinking water. It will prevent them from many diseases and the risk factor will also decrease to a great level.

I think what we can only do at the moment is to keep alive the hope. Hope, belief and struggle are the only weapons to survive in the worst conditions.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The revival.....

Iqbal is now in advertisement. The new Olper song for this Ramzan is the famous ghazal of Iqbal "Her lahza hai momin ki nai shan nai aan" and the interesting thing is that the video is only about kids, the future of this world.

So, here Iqbal revives.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gham-e-Agahi (Grief of Awareness)

About three years ago, when i was not very skillful in writing, thought about writing a novel continuously but could not get enough courage and potential to start it.

Although, i am still not very much learned about the skills of writing a novel, but at least i have got enough courage and potential to start it.

Many writers write about griefs, pains and miseries because life is all about hardships and difficulties, but i had noticed that they mostly write about griefs which destroy people never strengthen them, while i have myself experienced a grief which made me more stronger and courageous and i felt myself much mature than my age, it taught me to smile with even worst losses and painful moments, i learned to occupy my failures and move towards success.

So, i wanted to write about the pain and grief which is not destructive instead constructive and creative.

Then, luckily i found people like Sir Khurram, Sir Akhtar, Connie, Thinking, Rizwan and many other at RR and SOIS, who enhanced my Passion and with all of them Komal was a blessing for me in each and every moment. She continuously encouraged and helped me for last three years that i should not leave writing.

During Iqbal studies and learning from Republic of Rumi, i experienced some new personal experiences which gave me support even to think about how i should write and on which things i must concentrate during writing, with all this i also recognize my original intention that what i really want to write?

"There is a kind of grief that consumes you and fills poison into Jamshid's Cup. Yet there is another kind of grief that consumes all other grief and turns the heart into a boundless ocean". [Republic of Rumi]

Now, when i am writing and gradually proceeding the novel, i want to share some parts of this novel to all of you that i get some feedback and then decide how i must take the novel in forward direction, or either i am capable of writing it or not.

Its originally going to be written in Urdu, and i have translated some parts although i am not good in translations at all, so any mistake should be forgiven.

I will post these writings on another blog having url

I had not enough time today, so i am just posting a little portion and will post further later on inshAllah.

Give me your feedback please.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here we go..........

Karachi is once again in a wave of terror and fear. For last three days the whole life in Karachi has been ceased and everybody was hesitating to come out from their homes.

I myself did not go to university of Karachi for last two days, although there was only one holiday announced by the government and University was supposed to be open yesterday and today. But due to the lack of public transport, nobody could go.

National center for Proteomics had arranged a lecture today, Dr. Shahid Karim who works in University of Southern Mississippi(USA) had to arrive this Morning and during the very short stay of three hours in Karachi, he had to present a lecture on Arthropods diseases in post-genomic era.

His lecture was predefined and all preparations were completed but due to current situation, we all were uncertain and due to which i called my director last night and confirmed about the lecture. I was sure that after having a look on news about these circumstances, Dr. Shahid would probably have refused to present the lecture but surprisingly she told me that "He is going to present the lecture and he has confirmed his availability".

Now, when i came out this morning, like the previous day, i found no buses and any other public transport to reach University. Also, i felt it dangerous to travel within the city in these circumstances, but commitment is commitment.

"When Dr. Shahid can make it, why not i?"

I hired a rickshaw and with all my fears and trust on Allah, i finally reached my destination. Huma did not want me to go alone so she came with me.

There were some people in center like Faraz and Muniza, who came in spite of having dangers and therefore my director was pretty much satisfied that at least we are in a position to held the lecture.

Dr. Shahid reached at time and lecture started successfully although there were less people to attend the lecture as we were expecting, but even then he thanked all of us for coming in such a critical situation.

I wondered who should really pay thanks to other?

He did a brilliant job and presented his work related to Proteomics and Genomics of arthropods tick related diseases in a wonderful manner that even me did not feel sleepy during his whole lecture.

After the lecture, i got an honor to present the bouquet of white flowers on the behalf of NCP staff. On tea, we all had a discussion with him on current problems of research in Pakistan and he discussed it with deep interest.

I wonder why Pakistan is lacking some courageous people like Dr. Shahid Karim? Why our talent is being utilized for other Nations and not for itself? Will it be possible to have such skillful and hard working people around us in a huge number?

But i am not hopeless, our time will come InshAllah.......

Anyways, Dr. Shahid thank you so much for coming and saving me from a restless day at home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haq Maujud (The present truth)

Ho Allah,
[ O God]
Ho Allah, Ho Allah,
[ O God, O God]

Aik Allah kaloon mein dardi,
[I fear only Allah]

Aik Maula kaloon mein dardi,
[I fear only my Master]

Mahi yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my beloved]

Maula yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my Master]

Ho Allah, Allah, Maula
[O God, O Protector]

Tu hee hai mein naa hi sajna
[You are the Universe, i am nothing]

Khuway di purchain wangun, gum riya mann mahi
[My heart waivers like the image reflected off the well's surface]

Jidhar waikha tuiyon disda
[Wherever i look, i see only You]

Bullah disda naahi
[Bullah can not see himself even when he looks inside]

Mahi yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my beloved]

Maula yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my Master]

Ya Ali, Ali Ali, Man ammi goyam an-nal haq
[O Ali, Ali Ali, I say that i am the creative truth]

Man ammi goyam an-nal haq Yaar ni goyak vigo
[I say that i am the truth, my God tells me to say so]

choo na goyam choomra dildar ni goyak di go
[Why shouldn't i say so, my God asks me to]

Jhoom charakhra, jhoom charakhra saaiyan da, teri kattan wali jeeway
[The one who is spreading your message in this world, may he has a long life]

Kattan wali jeeway, ho larriyan, kattan wali jeeway
[may he has a very long life]

Maida Ishq vi tun, maida yaar vi tun, maida deen vi tun, Iman vi tun
[You are my Love, my friend, my religion and my faith]

Maida jism vi tun, maidi rooh vi tun, maida qalb vi tun, jind jaan vi tun
[You are my flesh, you are my soul, you are my heart, you are the life]

Maida Kaabah, qibla, masjid, mandir, mazhab tey Quraan vi tun
[You are my Kaaba, qibla, mosque, temple, religion and Quran]

Maiday farz, fareezay, haj, zakaatan, saum, salat, azan vi tun
[You are my obligatory rituals(i perform), pilgrimage, charity, fasting, prayer, even the call to prayer]

Maida fikar vi tun, maida zikar vi tun, maida zauq vi tun, wajdhan vi tun
[You are my thoughts, you are my words, you are my choice, you are my ecstasy]

Jai yaar fareed, Rab karam karay
[Fareed, may God be generous]

sarkar vi tun, sultan vi tun
[You are my Master, You are my king]

Jhoom charakhra, jhoom charakhra, teri kattan wali jeeway
[That life within us continues to live on forever]

Saaiyan, Allah
[my Lord, my God]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

National Center for Proteomics

Research in Pakistan as we all know is a bit hard and full of hazards, but still HEC has played an important role in past few years to establish a standard for the research in Pakistan. University of Karachi also being involved in the formation of some very constructive research centers.

Along with chemical and biological research in HEJ, Molecular biology and drug research in PCMD, Biotechnology and genetic engineering in KIBGE, University had planned to establish a research center for the field of Proteomics, which is now a latest and advanced field in the biological research. So, in order to compete with rest of the world we should have all possible field specialist as we can have.

Proteomics is actually the protein profiling of the cells at one particular state and it gives us information about all proteins that are being expressed in the cell at one particular time. This study is very much related to the clinical and pathological comparisons of normal and diseased patients, in order to discover some biomarkers for the specific disease.

The idea was presented few years back and about 169.5 million rupees budget was approved for the project, it was inaugurated in March 2008 and became functional last year.

It has some latest facilities of proteomic analysis, for details you can go to the following address

The institute despite of facing some serious grant issues from the government side, still has started working properly under the supervision of its Director Prof. Dr. Shamshad Zarina. The center has carried out a workshop on "Research Tools in Proteomics" last year and a series of lectures from different foreign researchers very successfully. Also, the institute is going to offer its M.S program next year.

The government just cut the grant of all Universities to half, due to which many development programs in the area of research in Pakistan have got serious issues, and National Center for Proteomics is one of them.

For further details you can visit the dawn news paper :

But the theme is that there are people who want to work for development of research in Pakistan and they are struggling to solve these issues, because we have got a potential to survive even in worst conditions and, hope so we will come out of this soon.

I just forgot to mention that i have recently got a job in National center for Proteomics and working experience in a newly established center is being good, lots of learnings here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ideology and Practical

I was so happy and desparate after attending the launching ceremony of "Rashid Minhas" but it just went away today when unwillingly i got a worst discussion to my colleague. I entered the digital lab and going towards my computer, just talked generally about the remarkable win of Pakistan against world champion Australia on 24th of July in the Leads Test match, after 15 years Pakistani team managed to equalise a series with 1-1.

I said it happily and adjusted to my seat then suddenly he turned to me and said in a very taunting manner, "What worth it was of. There is no benefit of Cricket to us. All players got 5 lac rupees each with the tax we paid and we even don't have enough money for our life expenses".

I always avoid him because he never tries to understand the joy, happiness and association within the Pakistani Nation that's the spirit of living for the whole Pakistani Nation. Its just a little moment of joy for the Nation, Why should not we celebrate it in a situation where there are no happy news in the entire country. He just considers the bad things around us, the worst economic and social conditions, the less ethical cultural values, He does not think about the unschooled masses who are actually suffering from the economic crisis, who are real victims of terrorism and still they have more hope than us.

I never tried to argue with him because he always tries to defend his point of view.

"The Nation is a fool always celebrates worthless things. PCB and players are eating our money and we are celebrating the stupid win." He also imagines things as he feels them and so decides whatever is right according to him.

"I am getting bad manners from others, how can i present good manners to them?" He follows others may be he is not able to decide things on his own.

This is not the behavior of one single person, most of the literate people think that they have no future in Pakistan and they would go abroad if they find an opportunity.

I admit that things are more worse than ever, but the educated and matured middle class people are really responsible to rehabilitate Pakistan, we can give our best in every field with honesty and loyalty, even we can guide and educate unschooled masses that how can this condition be changed. But the ground realities are different. We, all are trying to run away from our responsibilities because we have lost the essence of education, we just learn to make money and become materialistic, no moral, no ethics, no purpose of life, no service to country, even no Love.......may be.

I am amazed that the many middle class people like me always look worried about inflation, which is increasing day by day, but when i visit any market once in months, i never found a single shop where there are no customers. There are people everywhere and the market looks more crowded compare to last few years. I smile and say to my sister, " Who says that inflation is increasing, the women of whole Karachi have flooded in the markets, still we complain. Is it become our habit to complain for each and everything around us."

I did not want to argue with my colleague, but at that moment when he cursed the whole Nation, i could not resist and argued with him. The argument become serious and i just finished with a sentence, "Never try to argue with me again, may be i am not able to convince you or you are not able to understand."

He against taunted me with his last sentence, "You always talk ideologically, there is no practical implication of your thoughts, you are just a fool."

I did not answer him, but with burning nerves and red face i just promised to myself, "I will one day show you that practical implications are worthless without ideology."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Rainbow.......

Human intellect can define the word "color" in two different ways. One way is scientific while the other one is artistic, both have some dimensions. According to science it is white light which has all seven colors and just these colors can be visualized when there is a ray of sunlight passes from a drop of rain or when there is a medium change in the path of light. Whatever color we see actually the thing absorbs all other colors and just reflects that one to make it visible, therefore white color reflects all colors and looks white where as black color absorbs all colors and looks black. In art there is an individual identity of each and every color, when these colors mix together they form further new beautiful colors to enhance the beauty of the universe.

Life is full of different colors but actually there are just major seven colors which are found in white color of light. Each color has some unique features and i personally thought few days back in detail about the role of these colors of rainbow in our life. They are seven in numbers converge to form the white color and when something absorbs all colors they give it a new unique color i.e. Black.

For me, the red color which attracts every man with desires is the most expressive color, it gives us courage for a desire, may be therefore brides always like to wear red color because it reflects their joyous desires for the future.

Orange and yellow colors are bright and shiny , they can convert one's desire into Passion and Love, may be therefore Sun has yellow and orange combination during dawn and dusk.

Green is for Peace and prosperity, provides a space for inner self to get connection with the peace outside and inside, may be therefore National flag has green color.

Blue is the most beautiful color i.e. the color of Unity between thoughts, feelings and ideas, may be therefore sky and seas are blue.

Indigo is for pain and miseries which later on give us strength and power to face troubles of life, preserves our qualities and prevents us from losing, may be therefore some birds who survive in severe climate and weather conditions have indigo color of their body and feathers.

Violet is for the accomplishment has a feeling of wholeness, having rain and sunlight, nights and days, dawn and dusk, pain and joy everything, may be therefore there is a huge number of flowers and buds which have got the violet color.

These all colors are found in white light, and whenever it passes from a droplet of rain spreads these seven colors which actually hidden inside it.

White is the color which reflects all colors present in white light. May be therefore clouds, snow, moon and pigeon have white color.

And finally black which unlike white absorbs all colors of white light, may be therefore it is found everywhere in the universe. In sky and earth when night without moon, in birds and animals, in flowers and buds, in joy and pain, in eyes and hairs, in forests and farms, in stones and diamonds.

So, there are seven unique colors in light which altogether form every black and white of the Universe.
By the way, I was not willing to write this post after reading Sir Akhtar's beautiful post "My, Your and Our world" and just written on the encouragement by Connie.

Friday, June 25, 2010


This song by Allan faqir and Muhammad Ali Shehki was released in 1986, and got so much popularity. For many years, it had been watched and listened by every age group. It had some unique poetic features which inspired me even in very young age, I like some very beautiful words:

"Whoever sunk in your Love, what fear he would have with the waves of world?
Say just 'Allah Allah' , Fear just for Allah"

And also i loved "Humma Humma Pyari (Beloved Huma) ", I had habit of singing it whole day although i could not understand the meanings of few lyrics like one just above.

Then one day it happened that i was supposed to think about the meanings of these words.

My younger sister name is Huma and she was just six years old in 1997, she never could hear this song after her birth. One night, when all family members were watching a PTV program, this song was played during the program. She heard it for few moments then Suddenly, when these lines were sung by Allan Faqir (Humma Humma Pyari), she started to look uncomfortable. Everybody noticed it and some of us were being naughty, started singing the same lines again and again.

[Humma Humma Pyari(Beloved Huma) and Humma Humma chal bhayi chal (Lets move on, Huma!)]

She became irresistible and asked in a very annoyed way, "Why is he calling my name again and again, and why all of you are repeating these lines continuously. Does he know who i am? But how could he know me and my name. I never met him."

Everybody laughed on her innocence, i was too not very elder just four years older than her but understood her feelings and reactions.

When she was just near to cry about the whole situation, my elder sister started to explain her, "You know that your name has some unique meanings and therefore they give importance to it. Huma is the name of a bird who sometimes also called as "Bird of Paradise", and who has been described as the bird, when sits on one's head, the person ultimately becomes the most richest man on the earth. So, you should feel pride rather being embarrassed."

"Does this bird really exist?" her question was quite interesting.

My elder sister thought for a moment and then answered, "I am really not confirmed about it, may be and may not be, but the important thing is that your name became quite precious in this sense."

She satisfied but not enough and remained irritated for hearing this song. She is now nineteen and still avoids to listen this song. Even now when i played the song before uploading the video, she looked miserable but i was not interested in her irritation.

From that day, I sometimes think about this term "Huma" and its meanings. It looks that this word is a metaphor and symbolically used to reflect any precious secret of mysticism. Whatever it is, i am not still aware of it and want to know more about it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favourite video..........

This is one of my favorite videos, from film Armaan. Although, i could not get a chance to watch the complete movie and i want to watch it with the other members of SOIS. Hope so, time will come soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tears are precious

Tears are precious, because they have ability to say whatever they want to.........

They can express Love, they can express Passion, sympathy, friendship, memories, happiness and grief of awareness.

They have a message whenever they shed, they tell us that either we are weak as unable to control them..............OR...............we are too strong and letting them shed without the fear of people. This depends on choice. When choice is correct, tears become precious.

Tears are pearls and the pride of Humanity, when come due to the pain of someone else and relief someone else's pain.

Tears are the Love.
Tears are the care.
Tears are the moral.
Tears are to share.

Tears are the morning dew and give a new hope every time they shed. So, Tears are precious.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Color of the Vision

"I need color assistance", he told the Invigilator. She looked at him like he is not of this world, "Why?"

"I am color blind and therefore i need assistance to recognize the color of these solutions", he presented the special letter for her satisfaction.

She stared at him for a while. He was tall and innocent and his eyes were shiny and beautiful like other teenagers of his age.

Then an other Invigilator came and told the same thing to her. She felt pity for that student and immediately gave him assistance to recognize the colors of the solutions.

For the whole next two hours of exam, she gave attention to that candidate in all possible ways she could.

His face was so smiley that she stared many times at his face and his eyes. He was an energetic young man she had ever seen. The same time she felt pity for him.

How one can spend his life when he never could know what relaxation and peace are hidden in the blue color of the sky and ocean. What is the meaning of his life when he can not differentiate the red and the green, the two most vital colors of life, colors of flowers and its leaves. What else he is going to do on the earth if he doesn't know the beauty of pink and purple.

She had to think much about this for the two hours.

At the end of exam, he was so relaxed and paid thanks to her a dozen times. She smiled and asked, "Does this color blindness make you sad?, as everyone wants to see the beauty of these colors."

He smiled more brightly, "No, certainly not." His tone was determined like a matured man although he was not more than 17.

"I don't think about this, I just have one thing to concentrate and that's God's mercy for me. What if he would have made me blind rather than color blind, i could never be able to see the world and you just talking about the colors. At least i am blessed in this way and can see the beauty of the world. And as far as colors are concerned, these are present behind my eyes, inside my vision and i can feel the beauty of each color with that vision."

She could not answer him. He was much elder than his physical age.

He took hold of his belongings and got ready to go.

"I don't know that your eyes are really black or only black to me, but i know one thing. Your eyes are beautiful." His tone was respecting and loving and his smile was like the flow of the river.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Love Him and become familiar to the secret.....

"Who was it that at last became familiar with the secret of Oneness? Who is the wise one that is a Gnostic?"

Today, when i am going to end this series of questions, there are thousands of things which are unsaid for me and for you and i want to say it but i don't have enough words to justify the beauty of these. I will just summarize as possible as i can.

Love is so Universal that it brings us in contact with each and every thing of the Universe. God wants us to seek eternity by advancing of standards and by changing ourselves on the music of Life, like tune of instrument is being changed with requirement. There are certain notions to which every particle of Universe is attached, all we need to do is to seek that notions so we can rotate or spin around our central axis that is self either clockwise or anticlockwise and the same time around our centre that is Universal Love, Love of God, Love of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , Love of Humanity and Love of Everything that exist in the world due to Nature.

A rose takes color and scent from the wind and the dust, likewise we can hear an unheard sound from the silence of Nature, just because of the attraction of the soul to the environment.

Then finally, I just have one thing to say. Universe and this world was created just, when God himself fell in Love with Someone who really deserves to be Loved by everything of the Universe, and thus I admit that I Love him too.

"You are the Tablet as well as the Pen, and your life is the Book itself! The bubble-colored dome is in fact a bubble in your ocean!

Life in the world of water and earth is from you, You bestowed the radiance of a sun upon the grain of sand!

The magnificence of Sanjar and Salim, a mere hint at your majesty! The poverty of Junaid and Bayazid, your beauty itself unveiled!

My standing before God, as well as my bowing to Him, Are barriers between me and Him if your passion doesn't lead my prayer!

A single glance from you redeemed them both: Reason, the absence and searching! Love, the presence and restlessness!

The world is utterly dark since the sun has set down! Refresh this age by revealing your beauty to all! " [Iqbal]

Peace and Blessings be on Al-Mustafa.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Creative Truth of the mud

"What point does the claim, 'I am the Creative Truth' imply? Do you think that this mystery was mere nonsense?"

The mystery of Creation is a Secret, never unveiled until this creation becomes familiar to Human Beings. A person who succeeded to know himself, can get the secret of this mystery.

Ahriman which is commonly called Iblees just refused to Bow the Adam because Adam was formed by mud and clay where as he was produced by fire, and so he felt this as an insult to bow such a specie he considered as inferior for him. He refused to accept the order of God and become the disobedient.

Human beings are made by mud and clay, but just think what is the worth of being so muddy and earthly.

When a seed is sown into the mud, may be it brings shame to it for a while but what, when this seed makes itself a tree, got nourishment from the mud which makes it capable of being twisted and turned, thus captures the bright rays of Sunlight.

Same with a Human being, made with clay but when got nourishment from his own earth, its own self and makes his heart so capable that it can capture the bright rays from the Nature, thus shows its worth. Why he was considered as superior compare to other species near to God.

Seed of Love and beauty inside one's self makes his heart so pure that God finally rewards the secret of the Creation to the person of muddy substance. He gives him the mystery of Creativity and so this muddy substance can perform miracles with the free hand of God, having Love and purity as his tools, and claims to be "Creative Truth".

I become you, and you become I
I become soul and you the body [Khusro]

People believe on God should believe themselves too.

"I kindled in myself the fire of life and spoke to the dead of the mysteries of life." [Republic of Rumi]

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Universality and Human Being

"Of What sort is this traveler who is the wayfarer? Of whom shall I say that this is a Universal Human Being?"

Life is all about travelling, sometimes outside and few times inside. The path is not a simple one, it is steeply and abrupt, full of thorns of difficulties and contains a number of hallucinated abjects and illusions which can distract us from the right pathway.

What if a person covers each of its level without any distraction and never makes any mistake throughout the journey, but how do i find a person like this? A person whom i can call a Universal Human Being.

Universality is a system which is originated by the Nature and follows some beautiful principles, Principles of Universal Love. Sun happily gives its light to Moon, so Moon could be able to provide Illumination to the earth at night. Flowers and Leaves, Stars and Planets, Stones and Clay, Mountains and Rocks, Sky and earth, Everything loves Everything, so the Principle of Love is followed Universally and Life goes on.

A Human Being who Loves Everything on the path of his Life, appreciate good and presents goodness to evil, because he never can find a thing to curse due to beauty and light of Love inside him. He knows how to dance his soul, not only body and how to connect himself from rest of the Universe. Mysticism is not only about the dance of the body but it is actually connected to the dance of the soul. This connection makes a person "The Sun" which never find darkness wherever it looks, because he has light in his eyes.

"O my child! If only your soul could learn to dance, then that is the secret of the religion of Muhammad that I am disclosing to you as I lie praying for you in my grave." [Javidnama]