Friday, October 22, 2010

Democracy according to Iqbal (VII)

The Allahabad Address (1930)

Indeed the first practical step that Islam took towards the realization of a final combination of humanity was to call upon peoples possessing practically the same ethical ideal to come forward and combine. The Quran declares, “O people of the Book! Come let us join together on the ‘word’ (Unity of God), that is common to us all.” The wars of Islam and Christianity, and, later, European aggression in its various forms, could not allow the infinite meaning of this verse to work itself out in the world of Islam. Today it is being gradually being realized in the countries of Islam in the shape of what is called Muslim Nationalism.

The conclusive remarks

"Islam has the ideals that can lead humankind to the ultimate destiny. Like Inductive reasoning which is a moral Ideal, democracy is the ideal for the politics. Democracy in Islam gives the right to women, slaves and Plebeians for development of society, because every human is supposed to be a centre of latent power. Europe helped the Muslims to restore their democracy, but Islam has better ideals than Europe."


  1. Perfect.
    Wish we could have Iqbal's democracy in Pakistan.

  2. Hamza, same here. I have the same wish.

  3. Sometimes I'm just swept away by such lines from Iqbal as "every human is supposed to be a centre of latent power".

    Thank You for putting a magnifying glass on his work.

  4. Connie, this line is also very important for me and it shows that God has created every human being with the same Love but with specific and individual qualities.