Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chemistry of a Relationship

A relationship is just like a chemical compound which is being formed between two different elements or persons in such a way that its result would ultimately be unique.

The simplest and most amazing example is of that water. Water is just a molecule that contains only two elements; hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. The most simplest chemical compound on earth but at the same way the most complex one because Scientists have spent hundred of years just to understand its chemistry, likewise a relationship is simpler at the surface level but as one goes deep down, he finds that a relationship would never be simpler in any way.

Despite of its simpler formula and structure, water has an amazing ability that Nature has kept in it; it can resist to heat up to a great extent and boils on 100°C and freezes between 0 to 4°C, that's why our body has water in it and that resist to the change of weather. A relationship if it is formed on the same rules water has followed, would be able to resist to a great extent the external pressure, miseries and pains and will able to keep itself firm and steady.

In water, there is a covalent bonding between hydrogen and oxygen that bonds them and that bonding is basically the mutual sharing of electrons, but as oxygen is the strong electronegative element and it pulls the shared pair of electron more towards itself, as a result there has been created the partial positive charge on hydrogen and partial negative on oxygen. A relationship is always formed when there is a mutual sharing of gives and gains, happiness and sorrows, trust and respect, and off course freedom and space; but then sometimes out of those two persons, one can be more strong to get his rights as compare to the other in that relationship and that creates a partial positive at one end and partial negative charge at the other end.

And there comes the true reason of the bonding; the survival of hydrogen in the chemical bond. Hydrogen creates a virtual bonding to the neighboring oxygen in order to hold its position in the compound; thus each oxygen holds a virtual bond with the two neighboring oxygens and the bonding is called hydrogen bonding. This bond is apparently weaker than the other covalent bonding but it has such the power that water can resist to the surrounding environment to keep its form and shape to a great extent.

When the person with partial positive charge will have to survive, he/she would ultimately have to do something urgent and that's the only way to keep the relationship alive and in its original form and structure. One has to create a hydrogen bonding and that bonding is none other than Love, the weaker one apparently but it makes the relationship so resistive that it can survive in every storm of the life, every grief, every pain whether the surrounding environment would be too much high, cold or hot; Love has the ability to tie up all beads of a relationship in one thread, because Love is the only feeling that is unconditional, unreasonable and unforgettable. It does not allow, even to the one with partial negative charge to break the bond and deform the molecule.

So, if I want to have a good relationship with You, I first have to have a covalent bonding with the mutual sharing of respect, happiness, griefs, trust, and freedom, and then I have to make a hydrogen bond of the unconditional Love with You, because without this hydrogen bonding this relationship would be so fragile that would break with a single jerk. And with the hydrogen bonding of Love this relationship would be unbreakable for sure.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't know.......

Perfection is something that used to be considered as unachievable for a human being, but does it mean that humans should not seek perfection?

I don't know.......

God is perfect and everything that He has created is without any defect, the complete and beautiful in its own unique way. The Love, Goodness and Beauty that God possesses is undoubtedly can not be achieved by any other one in this Universe but then why Humans are blessed with these qualities if they can not achieve them in a perfect way?

I don't know.......

If I expect kindness, love, respect and goodness from You, then perhaps the first thing that needs to be considered is that I should give You the love, kindness, respect and goodness in the same way and to the same extent I expect these to get from You. And if I do so then does that mean that I am seeking and trying to achieve the perfection in the love, kindness and goodness?

I don't know.......

I am a human and God commanded angels to bow down in front of Me, what if I satisfy myself every time after doing an evil, inhuman and mischievous act, "I am a Human and I can't be perfect" and continue doing this as I can't do justice in the goodness like God. Does that mean that I am doing a righteous thing every time?

I don't know.......

I have a perception, an illusion about love, kindness and goodness and its not necessary that this perception would be parallel to the concept of Love, Kindness and Goodness for the Universe. But I don't want to wipe out this illusion and want to keep my own perception about goodness alive. Do I deserve to be called as a human being anymore?

I don't know.......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You need a punishment

People say, you should be calm when you are upset but its not always easy, especially when one is sensitive, emotional and self possessive about him. And, so there are moments when someone reacts, and sometimes reacts in a very odd way that nobody can understand what the actual problem with the person is. Even if someone is a very good analyst, he wouldn't be able to know the reason.

Sometimes, expectations and complains make us all miserable to an extent that we offend and hurt people unnecessarily, even to the caring and loving ones who are always nice with us.

But, this is a fact that hurting someone whom you love and respect hurts your own self. You are angry with yourself that you wish to punish yourself.

At that times, if one gets a punishment luckily, he will be blessed to feel the pain that he had given to someone else and won't do it next time.

Apologies are always left behind in all these cases and what you remember is that punishment for not to repeat the cruel act with such a great person again.

So, today I got such a punishment I will remember forever.