Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You need a punishment

People say, you should be calm when you are upset but its not always easy, especially when one is sensitive, emotional and self possessive about him. And, so there are moments when someone reacts, and sometimes reacts in a very odd way that nobody can understand what the actual problem with the person is. Even if someone is a very good analyst, he wouldn't be able to know the reason.

Sometimes, expectations and complains make us all miserable to an extent that we offend and hurt people unnecessarily, even to the caring and loving ones who are always nice with us.

But, this is a fact that hurting someone whom you love and respect hurts your own self. You are angry with yourself that you wish to punish yourself.

At that times, if one gets a punishment luckily, he will be blessed to feel the pain that he had given to someone else and won't do it next time.

Apologies are always left behind in all these cases and what you remember is that punishment for not to repeat the cruel act with such a great person again.

So, today I got such a punishment I will remember forever.


  1. I hope the punishment is a light one :p if it's not, make it then!

    Well.. i think we always punish those whom we love.

    If you love yourself, sometimes you'll punish yourself too.

  2. hmm....I wonder what you are up to dear one....?

    Sometimes...silence is the biggest punishment...

    But the act actually starts when accused-one remains silent too....

    Acknowledging the punishment is not always easy...though it gives you enough reasons not to repeat the deed...hmm...

    And since you are acknowledging the punishment you have received....I must salute you.

    Take Care !

  3. I too have had a similar experience and really u have exactly penned down those feelings!