Monday, February 28, 2011

The Science of Love

The seed of Love, whenever is sown into the earth of heart, the earth should be well nourished with nutrients of passion and water of desire so that this seed would be able to get the complete set of requirement for its germination.

And then the seed of Love germinates and grows into two different directions; a radicle or seed root that grows deep into the earth of heart so that it can embed its roots firmly to hold the ground and the plumule or shoot that grows above the ground to catch the sunlight and air so that it can get the illumination and oxygen of life.

And then the seed of the Love grows, grows and transforms itself into a Tree of the Love by getting nourishment from its heart full of desires, passions, determination and taking air of freedom and sunlight of obedience, grows into roots of the self, shoots of the belief, branches of the ambitions, leaves of the relationships, flowers of the happiness and finally fruits of the Love.

And then the process begins, of the Nature. The tree has to complete the cycle; the purpose of its formation; the process of Photosynthesis of the Love begins. The green pigment of subjugation called as chlorophyll, captures the sunlight of obedience and Carbondioxide of the hatred from the air, gets the water of desire from the ground of heart, converts both of them into the Glucose of the Life, provides that food to the outer world in the form of the flowers of the happiness and the fruits of the Love and care, and so the cycle continues.

The tree doesn’t breath throughout the day when the sunlight of obedience makes it to just continue the Photosynthesis of the Love, whereas at night it is free to inhale the fresh oxygen of the freedom and Love from the air around it and to exhale the Carbondioxide of the hatred outside, so this will keep the tree alive and fresh for the next whole sunny day to continue the process of Photosynthesis.

Nature chooses its ways to continue the Universe, and the Science of Love is one of the ways to keep the world beautiful, peaceful, prosperous and full of happiness. So, if you are standing firmly with your ground of heart, exposing yourself to the illumination and the air, continuing the cycle of Photosynthesis of the Love during the sunny day by inhaling the hatred, absorbing the obedience and exhaling the Love and happiness, don’t be worry, Nature will allow you to inhale the oxygen of the freedom and happiness at night when the rest of the world will be unconscious and you will see, how much Nature Loves you because you are important, You are the Tree of the Love.


  1. Urooj, I posed this question earlier in the day too. Here I ask it again: Tum nay kiya LOVOLOGY main masters ker rakha hai? Have nothing else to say. A masterpiece, indeed!
    Thank you for making me feel important!

  2. Sadia, thanks for reading and commenting. I had given you the answer of this question earlier today and giving again that
    Men ney Masters to Biochemistry men kiya hai lakin us men Masters krna bhi Love k bagher impossible hota......

    And, yes you are very important.

  3. By reading the title "The science of Love", I thought I was on my page but in a dream or in future as neither in the past nor in present I had written or had remembrance of the title but then I knew all those who love must be on the SAME PAGE as the only respite for them is love.

    The science of everything is so important that we all the time try to figure out what the science has to say on all that which is physical and present, but this attitude is restricting science, science means understanding of the reality of all that is, that was and that can be.

    Some eyebrow may rise on bracketing love with science, but then that interrogative look is quite fair as the normal way of perceiving love is considering it as a feeling without "substance" so it does not fell in the ambit of science. But if we take that a starting point without denying the inquisitive argument of the detractors than still love is more substantial than any other 'commodity'. It changes the physical world like nothing else can change. The history of humankind is replete with these glorious examples.

    With this prelude now I am confident that I can say something about this post. People write from their experiences, some from the knowledge and information they possess, mostly from mind, memory and understanding, few write from heart, emotions and sensibilities, very few write from spirit, soul and benevolence insights. This post is written with an intellectual spiritualism which is harnessed when all above melts into the selfless, and alchemizes that into a substantially substantial substance richer than anything else called Love.

  4. @ Urooj
    What a beautiful narration of relation between divinity and science. No one can deny that science itself evolves from some spiritual grounds and love is a divine feeling which can change the materialistic things around. This phenomenon can be seen in blossoming trees after freezing winter (a symbol of hope called love). I have no words to praise you for such an excellent writing.

  5. It's truly amazing. Yup! I AM IMPORTANT! :)

    by comparing these two realities, science and Love (which most people believe can not be) you have proved that Love is "everywhere", and I am the part of that "everywhere".

    Well... mmm.... What about weather? :D moods of Love...

  6. hmm....a very nice post Urooj...

    Yes...I felt the same when I first came to your blog that may be I am on Dar Sahib's blog...

    You simply are very creative....writer.

  7. love is nature, nature is love !

  8. Wow, what a nice blog you have. I am new in this world and I really am impressed by your writings. YOu are such a talented writer. Tell me are you writing somewhere in newspapers ?

    And please do tell me your email adress I want to write you and want to know more about you.

    Also, I am here to help few of your friend, you know who?

    If he/she is your friend do let me know I can help him/her so well.

    Menawhile keep writing such great stuff.

  9. Sir Akhtar, thank you for reading and giving a beautiful comment more worthy than my post.

    Peerless, thank you for reading and commenting and I am waiting for another informative post on your blog.

    riz, thank you for reading and commenting.

    Thinking, thank you for liking the post, I am honored.

    Bilal, thanks for coming.

  10. Sharmeela, thanks for coming and liking my blog, I am honored.

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  11. Urooj, I would say, you must be out of your mind when you had written this post :). Surely, its not what you think but what you must have felt in your heart. Keep flourishing us with such essence of philosophy of love and science. While, I keep believing both are the state of madness to their extents.

  12. riZ, thank you for reading and commenting and without madness special things are not possible.

    Please keep coming.

  13. you don't have to say thanks for any thing buddy... and I doubted about your maddness.. you just confirmed it .. :P

    I ll keep cming..

  14. Miss Hanif, thanks for coming and liking the post and the blog. Please keep coming.