Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Love Him and become familiar to the secret.....

"Who was it that at last became familiar with the secret of Oneness? Who is the wise one that is a Gnostic?"

Today, when i am going to end this series of questions, there are thousands of things which are unsaid for me and for you and i want to say it but i don't have enough words to justify the beauty of these. I will just summarize as possible as i can.

Love is so Universal that it brings us in contact with each and every thing of the Universe. God wants us to seek eternity by advancing of standards and by changing ourselves on the music of Life, like tune of instrument is being changed with requirement. There are certain notions to which every particle of Universe is attached, all we need to do is to seek that notions so we can rotate or spin around our central axis that is self either clockwise or anticlockwise and the same time around our centre that is Universal Love, Love of God, Love of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , Love of Humanity and Love of Everything that exist in the world due to Nature.

A rose takes color and scent from the wind and the dust, likewise we can hear an unheard sound from the silence of Nature, just because of the attraction of the soul to the environment.

Then finally, I just have one thing to say. Universe and this world was created just, when God himself fell in Love with Someone who really deserves to be Loved by everything of the Universe, and thus I admit that I Love him too.

"You are the Tablet as well as the Pen, and your life is the Book itself! The bubble-colored dome is in fact a bubble in your ocean!

Life in the world of water and earth is from you, You bestowed the radiance of a sun upon the grain of sand!

The magnificence of Sanjar and Salim, a mere hint at your majesty! The poverty of Junaid and Bayazid, your beauty itself unveiled!

My standing before God, as well as my bowing to Him, Are barriers between me and Him if your passion doesn't lead my prayer!

A single glance from you redeemed them both: Reason, the absence and searching! Love, the presence and restlessness!

The world is utterly dark since the sun has set down! Refresh this age by revealing your beauty to all! " [Iqbal]

Peace and Blessings be on Al-Mustafa.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Creative Truth of the mud

"What point does the claim, 'I am the Creative Truth' imply? Do you think that this mystery was mere nonsense?"

The mystery of Creation is a Secret, never unveiled until this creation becomes familiar to Human Beings. A person who succeeded to know himself, can get the secret of this mystery.

Ahriman which is commonly called Iblees just refused to Bow the Adam because Adam was formed by mud and clay where as he was produced by fire, and so he felt this as an insult to bow such a specie he considered as inferior for him. He refused to accept the order of God and become the disobedient.

Human beings are made by mud and clay, but just think what is the worth of being so muddy and earthly.

When a seed is sown into the mud, may be it brings shame to it for a while but what, when this seed makes itself a tree, got nourishment from the mud which makes it capable of being twisted and turned, thus captures the bright rays of Sunlight.

Same with a Human being, made with clay but when got nourishment from his own earth, its own self and makes his heart so capable that it can capture the bright rays from the Nature, thus shows its worth. Why he was considered as superior compare to other species near to God.

Seed of Love and beauty inside one's self makes his heart so pure that God finally rewards the secret of the Creation to the person of muddy substance. He gives him the mystery of Creativity and so this muddy substance can perform miracles with the free hand of God, having Love and purity as his tools, and claims to be "Creative Truth".

I become you, and you become I
I become soul and you the body [Khusro]

People believe on God should believe themselves too.

"I kindled in myself the fire of life and spoke to the dead of the mysteries of life." [Republic of Rumi]

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Universality and Human Being

"Of What sort is this traveler who is the wayfarer? Of whom shall I say that this is a Universal Human Being?"

Life is all about travelling, sometimes outside and few times inside. The path is not a simple one, it is steeply and abrupt, full of thorns of difficulties and contains a number of hallucinated abjects and illusions which can distract us from the right pathway.

What if a person covers each of its level without any distraction and never makes any mistake throughout the journey, but how do i find a person like this? A person whom i can call a Universal Human Being.

Universality is a system which is originated by the Nature and follows some beautiful principles, Principles of Universal Love. Sun happily gives its light to Moon, so Moon could be able to provide Illumination to the earth at night. Flowers and Leaves, Stars and Planets, Stones and Clay, Mountains and Rocks, Sky and earth, Everything loves Everything, so the Principle of Love is followed Universally and Life goes on.

A Human Being who Loves Everything on the path of his Life, appreciate good and presents goodness to evil, because he never can find a thing to curse due to beauty and light of Love inside him. He knows how to dance his soul, not only body and how to connect himself from rest of the Universe. Mysticism is not only about the dance of the body but it is actually connected to the dance of the soul. This connection makes a person "The Sun" which never find darkness wherever it looks, because he has light in his eyes.

"O my child! If only your soul could learn to dance, then that is the secret of the religion of Muhammad that I am disclosing to you as I lie praying for you in my grave." [Javidnama]

Friday, May 28, 2010

Beauty of Heart............

"What is that part which is greater than its whole? What is the way to find that part?"

Heart is the smaller part of our body in comparison to different other parts, but it has some surprising dimensions.

When embryo starts to develop and finally a human baby gets its shape, the first sign of life in the baby is the heartbeat that occurs at very start of development, breathing with every other organ working starts in the later phase. Similarly, death of a person could never be declared until and unless heart stops working, there are other artificial breathing systems which are used to keep the person alive until the last heart beat terminates. I think its because heart does not only gives the nourishment to the body but it is also responsible to connect the soul to the body and to make these two....The One.

So for a pure and beautiful life its necessary that our heart should be very pure, fresh, living and awakened. Any impurity of lust and greed, dishonesty, untruthfulness and arrogance can make it diseased and unhealthy for both body and soul.

I have an idea to protect the heart from these enemies. Let give it to somebody else, Somebody who really deserves it, and feel free of worry of the heart's protection. One who will get your heart and Love inside it, will definitely protect it more than us.

" In the Muslim's heart is the home of Muhammad, Eternity is less than a moment of his time, and receives increase from his essence. He chose the nightly solitude of Mount Hira and yet founded a state and laws and government. When he prayed for Divine help, his sword answered Amen and extirpated the race of kings. With the key of religion he opened the door of this world. In his sight high and low were one. He sat with his slave at one table." [Republic of Rumi]

Do you like my idea?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pure Self is one with belief and hope

" What am I? Tell me what 'I' means. What is the meaning of 'travel into yourself'?"

There is a world around me outside, but there is another world inside me and that is somehow, as vast as ocean, as huge as Universe, as deep as core of earth, as high as sky, as bright as Sun but..............sometimes as dark as grave, as small as match box, as low as disgrace and as conserved as DNA, {e.g people at FB who are trying to engage more people in drawing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) }.

Travelling into one's own self is the most strange and mysterious yet wonderful journey. There are many people in the world who try to know themselves but never could enter their self through their entire life and so remain unsuccessful to find themselves and to know what they really are?

Self of human beings has some unique parameters. It can create its own standards on the basis of its priorities which can none other than beauty and Love for a pure one. It can change and transform your outer world. It can give you the power to fight with the evil of your own, even evil of other people around you.

Belief and hope are the two things if lacking in one's self, result would be the destruction of the self. A true believer can never be hopeless whether circumstances are much severe than ever.

In the journey of life, we all travel into our selves at many times in life, the most important thing is the ability of finding the points at which we are weak and that how we have to overcome these weaknesses and try to make the 'self' pure.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Temporal and Eternal.............Man and God

" How did the eternal and temporal separate, That one became the world, and the other God? If the knower and known are the one pure essence, What are the aspirations of this handful of earth?"

I sometimes ask myself a few questions, a few amazing questions.

Why in this world these words exist like good and evil, sorrow and joy, flower and thorn, earth and sky, beauty and ugliness................and all of above me and you? May be its just because God wants us to recognize the difference between these terms and to choose what we consider as best.

But What is best to choose? are we able to decide it if we are not able to recognize the difference and the reason for which these are created.

Eternity is something related to God only, but do human beings not seek it? I seek it and i think consciously or unconsciously every man on this earth seek the same.

We live in the world which has definite dimensions, we never try to escape out these dimensions because we never differentiate lust and desire on any basis, greed and aspiration are supposed to be at the same position for us many times in life. We never try to know the purpose of our creation which can not be worthless for God but we suppose it worthless for ourselves. Either good or evil, but there would be a specific role for us to play and there we have the choice, we can change the evil with good or good with evil.

Man is temporal and God is eternal but man can get eternity if he proves himself to be of its worth. God rewards him the eternity if he has claimed and proved himself as pure as he deserves to be.

Faith and hope, character and moral, purity and quality, desire and aspiration, beauty and Love..............and finally the Power, eternity is no more far from us.

"Change yourself and your destiny will change with you"
Eternal and temporal are separated but they can come in contact.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Contingent and necessary..........Life and death

"What is the union of the contingent and the necessary? What are near and far, more and less?"

When i think about death, no fear arises inside me because death for me is not the End, its just the beginning may be, beginning of a life with unveiled secrets and a point on the path of Life which brings destiny more closer than before.

Death is may be the most painful journey of the life, but there are other deaths which are even more terrible.

When we are taking breath, inhaling air and get oxygen for our blood but we are treating our self like a spare thing, death comes to desire.

When we are able to listen and read our minds but not able to listen own heart's voice, death comes to wish and pray.

When we want to hate or dislike something but remain unsuccessful to do it and still try to repeat the practice, death comes to emotions.

When we are not even doing a single thing described above and just neglecting the beauty around us, beauty of smiles and laugh, words and emotions, ego and self, Nature and Unity, then only and only one thing happens...................

Death comes to Love..............and Heart, and no body can survive with a dead heart, not for me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Awareness and Knowledge

"What is this ocean whose shore is knowledge? What is that pearl which is found in its depth?"
When i know something and i look that people do not know it, then i pretend that i do not know anything. When i do not know something and i feel that people know, then i suppose that i am aware too. But this all looks so odd sometimes, i feel that it is my weakness or may be others' strength.

I think i should be honest to tell and accept whatever i know and whatever i do not. Knowing is a great pride but not more than honesty in this case.

And then i feel, what a feeling of happiness a person can have if he would be able to know everything, everything inside out from heart to mind, from blood to breath, from head to toe whatever has been happening with him and he is well aware of all phenomenon, what joy he would get.

Or this feeling will give him a sorrow rather than happiness?

For me it would be a sorrow which never would let me smile again.

So unawareness is a blessing may be............decrease our sense of responsibility.............and makes life easier.......................

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts and worth

"First of all I am intrigued about my thought Why is it sometimes needed,sometimes shunned?"

Thoughts are emerging from wits, like waves from the depth of the sea and yet no idea how to handle these, how to arrange and how to decide what to do ?

Secrets of life are unveiling themselves following some principles and thoughts of mine are no worth to reach them.............

But I am not going to giving up my thoughts because I do not want my reason to die at all whether are of any worth or not?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

She has no holiday...........

She was sitting in front of me and i was telling her that how i spend my weekend.

"Sunday, Oh! I love Sunday", I told her with a joy, " There are lots of enjoyments I have with my family on Sunday".

She smiled a little, but the feeling was dimmed soon on her face. " I hate Sunday." I saw her astonishingly. " Yes, I hate Sunday, because Sunday has no meanings for me except that this is a name of a week day. I have no holiday, how can Sunday becomes important for me."

She stood and went outside the room, and I thought " She is Mad ".

But this thought after a very short time period, changed in my mind.

Let's take a journey towards her life.

She is a working woman, works almost for 16 hours a day, 8 hours in office and 8 hours in home. His husband works only for 8 hours in office, rest of 16 hours are his, no matter he is going to spend that time in which activity.

She has lots of responsibilities including household works, kids also want her attention as they love their mother so much and try to help her also but they are just kids, having their own things to do. She sometimes thinks that why don't her husband and her family feel her problems, she is a woman more weak than a man and always needs more rest than a man, then why is that if she is a professional woman and still people suppose her to do all works at home also. Even on weekends, everyone has his own activities except her, because she just has to finish the previously remaining things and to prepare for a coming busy week.

The question is that even if a woman is a house wife and does not work in any office, does not she keep the right to spend a holiday? When men tire after their daily routine and want a rest on weekends, why not a woman could have holiday for resting and planning for any other activities?

I just thought about it. What a day it would be? What a Sunday it would be when there will be no cooking, no dish-washing, no dusting, no ironing, and all mothers and wives would be free to do whatever they want to. They will spend time in playing with their kids, shopping with their husbands, meeting their friends and siblings, and finally would be fresh and bright, to face a coming hectic week.

But i think its just a thought, can not be a reality until and unless we all feel our responsibilities for women of the society. On weekends we can do all things ourselves, make lives of our mothers easy, to give them a rest, at least a vacation so they could have some time for themselves.

On Mother's day when most of the Pakistani Mothers are still working in their homes for their husbands and kids, for them can not be a better gift than a thing just like that.

Love your Mothers and Love your Wives, because women are the beauty of the happiness.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rethinking the Divine Thought...............

Like Shakespeare and Goethe, Agha Hashr Kashmiri presented the concept of "Rethinking of Divine Thought" in his play Balwamangal . The first two scenes are inspired from the "Prologue in Heaven" in Goethe's Faust but the conflict is altered.

Following is the dialog between Krishna and Shankar, which reflects the concept of this Rethinking.

Shankar: Why is it that sin and misery are to be found in the world?

Krishna: How the spider entraps itself inside its own web and cannot be freed until and unless the web around it is broken first, likewise unless this world breaks the relationships with greed, lust and hatred, and struggles for being pious, will meet pain."

Shankar: Seeing this condition of the world, a wave surges inside me as if wanting me to take a round from one corner of the universe to the other, so that I may tell the right path to souls who have forgotten their way."

Krishna: This world is like a field where a person reaps whatever he has sown in the previous life and then sows the seed for the next. Every action has a mystery. Can it be possible that only by your saying "Light", a lamp should lit up without cotton, oil and fire coming into a combination? Unless earth, seed and water combine, can a tree be born from your words "out and grow"? And can it give flowers and fruits? It does not matter whether you pass one or million trials for making right of wrong. Until and unless all stuff for reformation and remaking comes together, it is hard for anyone to come from wrong to the very right path.

Because everything depends on Fate, One says Oh! The other says Wow! One laughs, the other cries.
Whatever is decreed by Fate shall be met, whatever the Fate does will happen."

Eventually, when Shankar insists that he could change the decision of sinners, Krishna agrees to check his abilities and says," If this is your wish then come, a Brahman named Balwa Mangal is destroying his faith as well as life being blinded by his lust for a woman of sin, Chinta Muni. Let me take you to him so that you may test your powers."