Friday, May 28, 2010

Beauty of Heart............

"What is that part which is greater than its whole? What is the way to find that part?"

Heart is the smaller part of our body in comparison to different other parts, but it has some surprising dimensions.

When embryo starts to develop and finally a human baby gets its shape, the first sign of life in the baby is the heartbeat that occurs at very start of development, breathing with every other organ working starts in the later phase. Similarly, death of a person could never be declared until and unless heart stops working, there are other artificial breathing systems which are used to keep the person alive until the last heart beat terminates. I think its because heart does not only gives the nourishment to the body but it is also responsible to connect the soul to the body and to make these two....The One.

So for a pure and beautiful life its necessary that our heart should be very pure, fresh, living and awakened. Any impurity of lust and greed, dishonesty, untruthfulness and arrogance can make it diseased and unhealthy for both body and soul.

I have an idea to protect the heart from these enemies. Let give it to somebody else, Somebody who really deserves it, and feel free of worry of the heart's protection. One who will get your heart and Love inside it, will definitely protect it more than us.

" In the Muslim's heart is the home of Muhammad, Eternity is less than a moment of his time, and receives increase from his essence. He chose the nightly solitude of Mount Hira and yet founded a state and laws and government. When he prayed for Divine help, his sword answered Amen and extirpated the race of kings. With the key of religion he opened the door of this world. In his sight high and low were one. He sat with his slave at one table." [Republic of Rumi]

Do you like my idea?


  1. By the way, today is 28th May and I am going to dedicate this post to the pride and honor of Pakistan and The whole Nation.

  2. hmmm....I think...I have so many days ago give away my heart to my beloved Country....

    Sometimes I wonder that how you give your heart to someone who is not around and you only read or heard of him (pbuh) in Quran?

    But anyways....sometimes I wonder again that when world is full of so many things or people worth of our one humble heart....what to do?

    Your series of QUESTIONS here Urooj...has so much to think about and you gave all of us new ways to think and to wonder...

    hmmm...very very intelligent of you - indeed.

  3. Beautiful!
    I agree with HR your series of questions have so much to think and wonder about!
    Few are really giving new dimension to our thoughts.

  4. Thinking and Reebz, thank you so much for your appreciation.