Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Love Him and become familiar to the secret.....

"Who was it that at last became familiar with the secret of Oneness? Who is the wise one that is a Gnostic?"

Today, when i am going to end this series of questions, there are thousands of things which are unsaid for me and for you and i want to say it but i don't have enough words to justify the beauty of these. I will just summarize as possible as i can.

Love is so Universal that it brings us in contact with each and every thing of the Universe. God wants us to seek eternity by advancing of standards and by changing ourselves on the music of Life, like tune of instrument is being changed with requirement. There are certain notions to which every particle of Universe is attached, all we need to do is to seek that notions so we can rotate or spin around our central axis that is self either clockwise or anticlockwise and the same time around our centre that is Universal Love, Love of God, Love of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) , Love of Humanity and Love of Everything that exist in the world due to Nature.

A rose takes color and scent from the wind and the dust, likewise we can hear an unheard sound from the silence of Nature, just because of the attraction of the soul to the environment.

Then finally, I just have one thing to say. Universe and this world was created just, when God himself fell in Love with Someone who really deserves to be Loved by everything of the Universe, and thus I admit that I Love him too.

"You are the Tablet as well as the Pen, and your life is the Book itself! The bubble-colored dome is in fact a bubble in your ocean!

Life in the world of water and earth is from you, You bestowed the radiance of a sun upon the grain of sand!

The magnificence of Sanjar and Salim, a mere hint at your majesty! The poverty of Junaid and Bayazid, your beauty itself unveiled!

My standing before God, as well as my bowing to Him, Are barriers between me and Him if your passion doesn't lead my prayer!

A single glance from you redeemed them both: Reason, the absence and searching! Love, the presence and restlessness!

The world is utterly dark since the sun has set down! Refresh this age by revealing your beauty to all! " [Iqbal]

Peace and Blessings be on Al-Mustafa.


  1. I am just here for a moment and can see this post needs a lot of attention so will return days later. Meantime, I've commented on the Iqbal Studies with your item posted by Dr. Hena.

  2. Hmm...Love is the most powerful and wonderful feeling in this world/universe.And if this love is with the king of both world then it'll really open one's mind to all secrets.May Allah bless be with true love of Muhammad pbuh.