Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Temporal and Eternal.............Man and God

" How did the eternal and temporal separate, That one became the world, and the other God? If the knower and known are the one pure essence, What are the aspirations of this handful of earth?"

I sometimes ask myself a few questions, a few amazing questions.

Why in this world these words exist like good and evil, sorrow and joy, flower and thorn, earth and sky, beauty and ugliness................and all of above me and you? May be its just because God wants us to recognize the difference between these terms and to choose what we consider as best.

But What is best to choose? are we able to decide it if we are not able to recognize the difference and the reason for which these are created.

Eternity is something related to God only, but do human beings not seek it? I seek it and i think consciously or unconsciously every man on this earth seek the same.

We live in the world which has definite dimensions, we never try to escape out these dimensions because we never differentiate lust and desire on any basis, greed and aspiration are supposed to be at the same position for us many times in life. We never try to know the purpose of our creation which can not be worthless for God but we suppose it worthless for ourselves. Either good or evil, but there would be a specific role for us to play and there we have the choice, we can change the evil with good or good with evil.

Man is temporal and God is eternal but man can get eternity if he proves himself to be of its worth. God rewards him the eternity if he has claimed and proved himself as pure as he deserves to be.

Faith and hope, character and moral, purity and quality, desire and aspiration, beauty and Love..............and finally the Power, eternity is no more far from us.

"Change yourself and your destiny will change with you"
Eternal and temporal are separated but they can come in contact.


  1. There are people in this world who are working for good and people who are working for evil.

    Everybody has certain role, but its necessary that good has to be the more powerful for the sake of world and humanity.

    And it is the responsibility of people who want good to be powerful, to stand in any situation any condition and not to surrender in any case.

  2. Wow.
    What an motivational post.
    Truly said,we believe that God is the one who's truly eternal but still we all seek it desperately.
    And yes, there's only one possible way to seek eternity ,and that is love,care for others.and above all selflessness
    Wonderful post, in fact best of all I have read on your blog.

  3. Urooj!Thats a master piece!I'm impressed! You have some really wonderful skills, you are a young philosopher!
    I'm simply speechless, I'm sure my comments cant do the justice with your this simply brilliant post!
    kkep up the good work!

  4. Hamza and Reebz, thank you so much for these words. But i think i don't really deserve most of these.