Sunday, May 30, 2010

Creative Truth of the mud

"What point does the claim, 'I am the Creative Truth' imply? Do you think that this mystery was mere nonsense?"

The mystery of Creation is a Secret, never unveiled until this creation becomes familiar to Human Beings. A person who succeeded to know himself, can get the secret of this mystery.

Ahriman which is commonly called Iblees just refused to Bow the Adam because Adam was formed by mud and clay where as he was produced by fire, and so he felt this as an insult to bow such a specie he considered as inferior for him. He refused to accept the order of God and become the disobedient.

Human beings are made by mud and clay, but just think what is the worth of being so muddy and earthly.

When a seed is sown into the mud, may be it brings shame to it for a while but what, when this seed makes itself a tree, got nourishment from the mud which makes it capable of being twisted and turned, thus captures the bright rays of Sunlight.

Same with a Human being, made with clay but when got nourishment from his own earth, its own self and makes his heart so capable that it can capture the bright rays from the Nature, thus shows its worth. Why he was considered as superior compare to other species near to God.

Seed of Love and beauty inside one's self makes his heart so pure that God finally rewards the secret of the Creation to the person of muddy substance. He gives him the mystery of Creativity and so this muddy substance can perform miracles with the free hand of God, having Love and purity as his tools, and claims to be "Creative Truth".

I become you, and you become I
I become soul and you the body [Khusro]

People believe on God should believe themselves too.

"I kindled in myself the fire of life and spoke to the dead of the mysteries of life." [Republic of Rumi]


  1. Too good! but one question "What if we say that 'a clay particle = a light particle'?"
    If it's ok and correct then "Ashraful-Makhlooqat" is someone who has both things, the nourishment of clay and speed of light!

  2. thanks Rizwan for your comment. Yes, a Human mind and particularly a genius mind have thoughts which move with the speed of light.

  3. This is a wonderful description of mud and the enrichment that this provides to the earthly man. All angels created from Light (noor) prostrated before Adam, Iblees (Satan) created from Fire did not, but as Adam was created from the resonating clay the dryness that the clay got from heat energy a by-product of Fire, gave Adam both the attributes of Light and Fire. Light, because the creatures of light submitted to him. Hence when these both attributes amalgamated with clay the “ashraful makhlooq” arrived on the scene. Angels cannot sin because they are product of light. Jins can do good and evil both, as Iblees(Satan) did, because they have free will. But Adam was to be the par excellence creation, hence he was given free will, but what made him ”ashraful makhlooq” was his capacity to repent on going wrong. Retrospection and introspection are the two great qualitative that the mud and the resonating clay has given to humans.