Sunday, May 9, 2010

She has no holiday...........

She was sitting in front of me and i was telling her that how i spend my weekend.

"Sunday, Oh! I love Sunday", I told her with a joy, " There are lots of enjoyments I have with my family on Sunday".

She smiled a little, but the feeling was dimmed soon on her face. " I hate Sunday." I saw her astonishingly. " Yes, I hate Sunday, because Sunday has no meanings for me except that this is a name of a week day. I have no holiday, how can Sunday becomes important for me."

She stood and went outside the room, and I thought " She is Mad ".

But this thought after a very short time period, changed in my mind.

Let's take a journey towards her life.

She is a working woman, works almost for 16 hours a day, 8 hours in office and 8 hours in home. His husband works only for 8 hours in office, rest of 16 hours are his, no matter he is going to spend that time in which activity.

She has lots of responsibilities including household works, kids also want her attention as they love their mother so much and try to help her also but they are just kids, having their own things to do. She sometimes thinks that why don't her husband and her family feel her problems, she is a woman more weak than a man and always needs more rest than a man, then why is that if she is a professional woman and still people suppose her to do all works at home also. Even on weekends, everyone has his own activities except her, because she just has to finish the previously remaining things and to prepare for a coming busy week.

The question is that even if a woman is a house wife and does not work in any office, does not she keep the right to spend a holiday? When men tire after their daily routine and want a rest on weekends, why not a woman could have holiday for resting and planning for any other activities?

I just thought about it. What a day it would be? What a Sunday it would be when there will be no cooking, no dish-washing, no dusting, no ironing, and all mothers and wives would be free to do whatever they want to. They will spend time in playing with their kids, shopping with their husbands, meeting their friends and siblings, and finally would be fresh and bright, to face a coming hectic week.

But i think its just a thought, can not be a reality until and unless we all feel our responsibilities for women of the society. On weekends we can do all things ourselves, make lives of our mothers easy, to give them a rest, at least a vacation so they could have some time for themselves.

On Mother's day when most of the Pakistani Mothers are still working in their homes for their husbands and kids, for them can not be a better gift than a thing just like that.

Love your Mothers and Love your Wives, because women are the beauty of the happiness.


  1. It is said that as God could not reach everybody so mother was created! Hence no rest!

    It is unfortunate that man and society as whole fail to recognize that women are playing a role in sheet anchor in the lives of family and the community. Woman the most unique, serene and beautiful creature holds the most important position in man’s life as mother, sister, wife and daughter. This key position demands that she must be given not only her due but the extra love, affection, respect, space and respite that she deserves.

  2. Love your Mothers and Love your Wives, because women are the beauty of the happiness.

    Well said.
    "wajood-e-zan se he tasveer-e-kainat me rang"

    woman in all forms is majestic,loving,caring and helping, whether it is the sister,daughter,wife and above all if it is in the form of a "Mother"!

  3. There is the same universal dichotomy of roles worldwide...and here where it's only the very rich usually who hire help with household tasks there are similar tensions.

    My mother didn't have much fun on holidays because her role never quit when camping even as cook, organizer, etc.

    Because my husband is busy generous doctor, I feel that I must needs allow him lots of free time and yet still he does often help with weekends and holidays...

    Since we both volunteer a lot of time to this and that...and still have grown children off and just now trying to leave and other back home now after college for some time...and an African student who may live with us soon, etc. sometimes we have to stop and figure out who should be in what role...I begged for help with youngest son who needs structure/tasks from a father, for example.

    So all the above needs lots of understanding. Sometimes one or the other must simply say, I NEED HELP...if you want me to do this, then I need to also be supported to to this...lots of compromising.

  4. I'll tell you, having my family cook together for yesterday's Mother's Day worked well. I had the very easy ingredients available ahead and put them out...the sink started clear of dirty dishes and I could do as I wanted that afternoon.

    Sometimes we can plan ahead a bit on all sides to make it easier to please the other in the small yet essential tasks of life.

  5. hhmm...Dear Urooj...a very nice post...

    Motherhood is not what women is a job...taken by woman...humbly and regrets...

    We salute and pay respect to those who done good in their job...should be the same with women...hmmm...I guess...

    Thanks for sharing !

  6. Sir Akhtar, Reebz, Connie and Thinking, thanks for coming and sharing your thoughts.

    Connie, I Love to know the interesting facts and beauties in your Life, really Loved it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Thanx Urooj,

    After a brief trip with family, hopefully I will have many more and can follow through on promise to Thinking of a more personal-natured blogsite...

    Thanx for letting me know you also would like that...