Saturday, May 29, 2010

Universality and Human Being

"Of What sort is this traveler who is the wayfarer? Of whom shall I say that this is a Universal Human Being?"

Life is all about travelling, sometimes outside and few times inside. The path is not a simple one, it is steeply and abrupt, full of thorns of difficulties and contains a number of hallucinated abjects and illusions which can distract us from the right pathway.

What if a person covers each of its level without any distraction and never makes any mistake throughout the journey, but how do i find a person like this? A person whom i can call a Universal Human Being.

Universality is a system which is originated by the Nature and follows some beautiful principles, Principles of Universal Love. Sun happily gives its light to Moon, so Moon could be able to provide Illumination to the earth at night. Flowers and Leaves, Stars and Planets, Stones and Clay, Mountains and Rocks, Sky and earth, Everything loves Everything, so the Principle of Love is followed Universally and Life goes on.

A Human Being who Loves Everything on the path of his Life, appreciate good and presents goodness to evil, because he never can find a thing to curse due to beauty and light of Love inside him. He knows how to dance his soul, not only body and how to connect himself from rest of the Universe. Mysticism is not only about the dance of the body but it is actually connected to the dance of the soul. This connection makes a person "The Sun" which never find darkness wherever it looks, because he has light in his eyes.

"O my child! If only your soul could learn to dance, then that is the secret of the religion of Muhammad that I am disclosing to you as I lie praying for you in my grave." [Javidnama]


  1. Very well conceived and beautifully written, “Everything loves everything”, is a glorious idea and with each new post the mystic in Urooj is clearly emerging from the vistas of self and I reckon that it is just the beginning and the deeper and profounder has still to surface.