Monday, May 24, 2010

Awareness and Knowledge

"What is this ocean whose shore is knowledge? What is that pearl which is found in its depth?"
When i know something and i look that people do not know it, then i pretend that i do not know anything. When i do not know something and i feel that people know, then i suppose that i am aware too. But this all looks so odd sometimes, i feel that it is my weakness or may be others' strength.

I think i should be honest to tell and accept whatever i know and whatever i do not. Knowing is a great pride but not more than honesty in this case.

And then i feel, what a feeling of happiness a person can have if he would be able to know everything, everything inside out from heart to mind, from blood to breath, from head to toe whatever has been happening with him and he is well aware of all phenomenon, what joy he would get.

Or this feeling will give him a sorrow rather than happiness?

For me it would be a sorrow which never would let me smile again.

So unawareness is a blessing may be............decrease our sense of responsibility.............and makes life easier.......................


  1. And are these feelings related to some specific issues before you and around u these days?

  2. True! but how to know the length of the shore? And your position at the shore? Like how to know what should I know and what i shouldn't? because to know what i shouldn't know, I must have knowledge to decide!

  3. Sir Khurram, my feelings are related to the specific issue of "Quit Facebook", when I feel that i want to quit Facebook because i know that my reasons are quite enough to leave it, then arguments of people around me, made it miserable for me by pretending that they know more than me about this issue and the right decision is not to quit it.

    And so, this feeling of strange grief of awareness is becoming more intense inside my heart and i feel that unawareness can be a blessing in this case.

  4. What we know is our awareness of our self. What we do not know is not what we are, so what we see is what we have, and what we have is what we are aware of. Our responsibility lies with our awareness but our benefits and fruits also lie with our awareness, if I am not aware of a fruit, I would not be able to benefit from it. Even our paradise would be as beautiful, as abundant and as rich, as grandeur as would be our awareness of that paradise. It is upon our choice, benefits with responsibilities, but according to awareness and knowledge.

  5. Rizwan, thank you so much for coming. I really liked your questions and i think me too would be able to learn something from these questions.

    I think we do not need to know the length of the shore, because there is no knowing for Eternity. And my position at this shore is just like the position of a grain of sand brights in the presence of the Sun, even millions kilometers far from it, could get its light.

    To know what should we know and what we should not, is just simple if i ask this question from my heart, if it is pure and i can trust on its decisions then there is no need to worry about it.

    Knowledge is already present in a pure heart, and just one click can open this world of awareness.


  6. Sir Akhtar, thank you so much for this honor and for sharing your beautiful thoughts on each of my post.

    I think, the questions of Rizwan and mine are now answered very well.

  7. hmm...sometimes...our heart want to follow...

    without knowing what will grow out of our decision...

    sometimes...knowledge and depth of knowledge which can be my expirience or my practical being is nothing but a shadow of our hopelessness....rather helplessness...

    Turn my face towards the sun and I can beat this shadow....

    Only...I need to know where is the SUN...hmmm...

    Dear Urooj...quite

  8. Keeping the Recent Facebook incident,I must agree with you that un awareness is a blessing.The moments I was on that blasphemous page,I wished I lived in a faraway village,working hard and no access to Internet.Feeling helpless is worse than been unaware.