Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Contingent and necessary..........Life and death

"What is the union of the contingent and the necessary? What are near and far, more and less?"

When i think about death, no fear arises inside me because death for me is not the End, its just the beginning may be, beginning of a life with unveiled secrets and a point on the path of Life which brings destiny more closer than before.

Death is may be the most painful journey of the life, but there are other deaths which are even more terrible.

When we are taking breath, inhaling air and get oxygen for our blood but we are treating our self like a spare thing, death comes to desire.

When we are able to listen and read our minds but not able to listen own heart's voice, death comes to wish and pray.

When we want to hate or dislike something but remain unsuccessful to do it and still try to repeat the practice, death comes to emotions.

When we are not even doing a single thing described above and just neglecting the beauty around us, beauty of smiles and laugh, words and emotions, ego and self, Nature and Unity, then only and only one thing happens...................

Death comes to Love..............and Heart, and no body can survive with a dead heart, not for me.


  1. These are wonderful posts. Are u also gaining some new insights while writing them?

  2. YES, I do so agree with the wonder and insights which show a rare capacity for making analogies without getting "tripped up" in trying to explain. Keep on - keeping on. Also sounds like you as many here deserve special self-love and self-care during such times as these?

    Wow, there's hardly anything in nature more beautiful for me all my life than autumn leaves and what you posted is particularly glorious. And your post as well shows how even our "little deaths" can have a kind of beauty and lead us to acceptance of the larger "deaths" as well as the often more "scary" awakenings.

  3. @Urooj,Firstly,I was really pleased and surprised to see my blog in your blog's list.Thanks alot.

    Secondly,I also never fear death,but the thing I'm most afraid is of my life after death.I'm afraid of my first night in Grave.I get the creeps to think of the complete darkness.
    May Allah make the journey easier for all of us.

  4. Nicely written! I totally agree with you. Death in this world is not an end but the beginning of a new journey, quite different from the current journey. One question, "Can we compare your mentioned dangerous deaths with the death of this life?"

    As end = start... If yes, all these deaths would then be the start of some other journey...

  5. Sir Khurram, thank you so much for your appreciation. Every time i write a post about my thoughts, get new insights of that world lies inside my own heart and i am still not fully aware with that.

    But the truth is that whatever i have known and knowing and getting new learnings are the result of that pattern of learning i got from your teachings. Thank you so much for that.

  6. Connie, thank you so much for coming and sharing your lovely thoughts. I am so glad for having such a loving person on my blog, appreciating all the time.

  7. Hamza, thanks for coming. I really liked your blog therefore added to my list.

    I agree with you, sometimes thought of having a grave as forever home makes us scary, but just try to imagine the Love and Mercy of Almighty Allah. Every fear will be flood out.

  8. Rizwan, thank you so much.

    Your question is very interesting but the more interesting answer from my side could be none other that, If these deaths are also beginning of a new journey then both results can happen.

    This journey will either take us to the glory or we will be lost forever. All again depends on choice, what we want to listen, understand and do.

  9. As asked by Sir Khurram, I want to share few more things.

    Life is all about to love and to respect the people around you, whether in direct or any indirect contact.

    When somebody leaves to love and to respect other's priorities for his own lusty satisfaction, then he has no right to be called alive in my opinion.

    Like making cartoons of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) and to try to gather more people for this purpose without caring about the emotions and Love and respect of millions of people is nothing more than to give yourself in the hands of death.

    Death of moral, ethics and your own self, own heart which would not be able to contain Love.

    So, this is all about that insight i got today.

  10. hmmm...like the union of sky and occean...sometimes...sky meet to become one to earth....but someone has to come forward...either it is the earth or the sky...

    One need to forget and forgive...and other need to respect... to unite...forever... otherwise there would be no union....there would be always a distance between the two....

    When we blend the different colors together they lost their own identity but formed a new one...collective one....hmmm....very nice post Urooj...thumbs up !

  11. woww what a wonderful philosophical post!its really awesome!

  12. Thinking and Reebz, thank you so much for this appreciation.

  13. Urooj, you have dealt this subject so well and with great eloquence and all the comments from other friends and your further elaboration to the comments have made this a very compact and complete post. I would like to comment on the beautiful picture of autumn leaves that you have posted.

    When in an early autumn morning breeze blows slowly and gently and the leaves of eucalyptus tree flutter in joy and small drops of morning dew that are shining on them, makes them glow with first ray of sun light is an image of life's joyous moments. But at the same time there are few leaves those have completed there biological life cycle at their initial abode the eucalyptus tree, say a goodbye to rest of the residents for the sake of the tree and fly and fall away. The above photograph of autumn leaves is telling us that the morning breeze is there, the morning dew is also there, but the glow and the joyousness that they brought to leaves has replaced with look of sadness and the dew is now shining like a tear on the withered, rusted leaves, who lay on the ground changing color rapidly as their last act of bewilderment in their present form of life. Meanwhile life goes on as usual on the eucalyptus tree with new leaves fluttering with joy in the breeze and glowing with freshness of morning dew.

  14. Sir Akhtar, I am honored by your appreciation.

    Your words are so beautiful and you have defined this picture so beautifully.

    Thank you so much