Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pure Self is one with belief and hope

" What am I? Tell me what 'I' means. What is the meaning of 'travel into yourself'?"

There is a world around me outside, but there is another world inside me and that is somehow, as vast as ocean, as huge as Universe, as deep as core of earth, as high as sky, as bright as Sun but..............sometimes as dark as grave, as small as match box, as low as disgrace and as conserved as DNA, {e.g people at FB who are trying to engage more people in drawing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) }.

Travelling into one's own self is the most strange and mysterious yet wonderful journey. There are many people in the world who try to know themselves but never could enter their self through their entire life and so remain unsuccessful to find themselves and to know what they really are?

Self of human beings has some unique parameters. It can create its own standards on the basis of its priorities which can none other than beauty and Love for a pure one. It can change and transform your outer world. It can give you the power to fight with the evil of your own, even evil of other people around you.

Belief and hope are the two things if lacking in one's self, result would be the destruction of the self. A true believer can never be hopeless whether circumstances are much severe than ever.

In the journey of life, we all travel into our selves at many times in life, the most important thing is the ability of finding the points at which we are weak and that how we have to overcome these weaknesses and try to make the 'self' pure.

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  1. Excellent, and your journey which started with last four posts have come a long way and now reaching a certain level self awareness and with this you are asking and raising most vital questions , which are the key issues in philosophy, mysticism and all alternate sciences. One caution: please address this slow and gradually, you are doing wonders with these posts.