Saturday, June 5, 2010

Color of the Vision

"I need color assistance", he told the Invigilator. She looked at him like he is not of this world, "Why?"

"I am color blind and therefore i need assistance to recognize the color of these solutions", he presented the special letter for her satisfaction.

She stared at him for a while. He was tall and innocent and his eyes were shiny and beautiful like other teenagers of his age.

Then an other Invigilator came and told the same thing to her. She felt pity for that student and immediately gave him assistance to recognize the colors of the solutions.

For the whole next two hours of exam, she gave attention to that candidate in all possible ways she could.

His face was so smiley that she stared many times at his face and his eyes. He was an energetic young man she had ever seen. The same time she felt pity for him.

How one can spend his life when he never could know what relaxation and peace are hidden in the blue color of the sky and ocean. What is the meaning of his life when he can not differentiate the red and the green, the two most vital colors of life, colors of flowers and its leaves. What else he is going to do on the earth if he doesn't know the beauty of pink and purple.

She had to think much about this for the two hours.

At the end of exam, he was so relaxed and paid thanks to her a dozen times. She smiled and asked, "Does this color blindness make you sad?, as everyone wants to see the beauty of these colors."

He smiled more brightly, "No, certainly not." His tone was determined like a matured man although he was not more than 17.

"I don't think about this, I just have one thing to concentrate and that's God's mercy for me. What if he would have made me blind rather than color blind, i could never be able to see the world and you just talking about the colors. At least i am blessed in this way and can see the beauty of the world. And as far as colors are concerned, these are present behind my eyes, inside my vision and i can feel the beauty of each color with that vision."

She could not answer him. He was much elder than his physical age.

He took hold of his belongings and got ready to go.

"I don't know that your eyes are really black or only black to me, but i know one thing. Your eyes are beautiful." His tone was respecting and loving and his smile was like the flow of the river.


  1. Colors are the beauty of our visual universe; our visual universe is dependent on our sense of seeing. We see color because of light and light because of eyes. But when light sparks the mind, heart and soul every chromosome becomes an eye, man becomes a total manifestation of awareness and our visual universe as well as the invisible universe comes into sight from insight.

    Urooj, a very interesting post which ends with a little poem like sentence.

  2. hmm...beautiful and touching post...Urooj.

    Nice to read...

  3. Ah...Whenever God deprives a person of any thing,he always does provide another with abundance.I have met a number of blind of people having a lot better insights about things than people with eyes.
    Just like this gentleman,who seems to be extremely polite and has his moral high unlike we,who have been blessed with everything,but get disappointed with life,just because of petty issues.
    Quite Motivational,Inspirational post.....!

  4. Sir Akhtar, Thinking and Zehra, thank you so much appreciation.