Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favourite video..........

This is one of my favorite videos, from film Armaan. Although, i could not get a chance to watch the complete movie and i want to watch it with the other members of SOIS. Hope so, time will come soon.


  1. Armaan is the must see movie, and I am surprised that Khurram sahib’s pupil have not seen it. This song and all other songs of ARMAAN are simply awesome and Khurram Sahib have brilliantly linked each one with our past, present and future.

  2. @Urooj cool template..:)
    I liked it..!
    aNd whenever you complete your novel do sell me a copy and not a simple one but an autographed copy..:)

  3. Sir Akhtar thanks for coming, I agree that Armaan is a must see movie, but unfortunately i have not seen it yet. We were planing to watch it collectively but now there came a huge gap in SOIS regular sessions, and the plans are postponed.

    Hope for the future.

  4. Zehra thanks for liking the template.

    And you wont need to buy the copy of my novel, whenever it will publish inshAllah i will give you as a gift.

  5. hmm...I love movie ARMAAN....

    Specially...Zaiba with her innocet looks and simple outcomes of dialogues...she was real in her acting too...

    Well...who can deny our hero...Waheed Murad?

    They both made a perfect couple of film industry for about 10 years...I guess...

    I have watched it three to four times and I simply adore song "Akailay na jana".

    Urooj..I like the way you put your wish forward...

  6. Thinking, thank you for coming and better understanding of my wishes.

  7. Video is interesting! Hmm... I still want to watch all of Waheed Murad's nine films in this july! Arman is on the top list! :)

  8. Thinking, I have watched Arman, around 50 times and the count of song Akelay na jana only this year is 175...

  9. Rizwan, whenever you will watch armaan, tell me about your views about that. I am also trying to make it possible that me and komal could watch it together.

    Sir Akhtar, I am not surprised after knowing your count of armaan. Everybody who watch it once, repeat it again and again.

  10. Wow! 175 in just half an year!!! I must watch this movie now!!!!!

    Urooj, of course we'll be discussing it. The story, color thingy, environment of every scene, rate of changing scenes and progression of the story, etc, everything!