Monday, June 7, 2010

Tears are precious

Tears are precious, because they have ability to say whatever they want to.........

They can express Love, they can express Passion, sympathy, friendship, memories, happiness and grief of awareness.

They have a message whenever they shed, they tell us that either we are weak as unable to control them..............OR...............we are too strong and letting them shed without the fear of people. This depends on choice. When choice is correct, tears become precious.

Tears are pearls and the pride of Humanity, when come due to the pain of someone else and relief someone else's pain.

Tears are the Love.
Tears are the care.
Tears are the moral.
Tears are to share.

Tears are the morning dew and give a new hope every time they shed. So, Tears are precious.


  1. Wow,nice.I guess this poetry is your own composition.?
    If it is then's really too inspiring..
    and if it's not..then cool selection/choice..:)

  2. thanks Zehra, its my own one. If you see carefully then you can see my name in the last couplet.

  3. Yeah I saw that,But I asked just to be sure.
    Great..U do have some real poetry instincts.

  4. hmm dt ws prEtty nyc.. 'jis ghari wO yad... ' nd da lst one ws awesOme..
    tOtally agree wd U dt tEars r indEed prEciOus, my kind of pOetry :)

  5. A nicely orchestrated poem in Gazel format with an effective writing conveying tears as the most vocal language is a just a double dose of delight. In the poem I liked the sixth couplet more than others but the use of Urooj in the last couplet (maqta) looked very beautifully meaningful with the act of surrendering.

  6. Zehra, thank you so much for reading my poetry and appreciating it.

  7. Rain, thank you so much and i will love to read your poetry.

  8. Sir Akhtar, you always have beautiful words to express your views.

    Me too like the six couplet very much.

    As far as last couplet concerns, it just came like a wave and i was supposed to end the ghazal.

  9. I love this combination of words and unusual connections: "Tears are pearls and the pride of Humanity, when come due to the pain of someone else and relief someone else's pain."

  10. Connie, thank you so much. Your words are really important for me.