Saturday, October 30, 2010

The call for help...........

Following is the detail of the update of Flood relief work from our group "Friends Indeed" which I have posted on my blog

I am copying the same post here as this blog is read by more visitors as compare to that blog and so, the word will be read by more people.

As earlier I had posted that we have now started the rehabilitation process for the flood affected people. And for the first project, we have successfully helped to built six houses for almost forty people to again start their routine life in the area of Sajawal. These are some pictures of construction of those houses.

We further want to continue this rehabilitation work as more families are still in need of help in order to rehabilitate their lives once again, but we are short of funds. Also, there upcoming the winters and flood victims are in urgent need of warm clothes and other necessities as we all know that Nights in Sindh are so cold during winters. We have also planned to collect funds as much as possible till the Eid-ul-Azha which is coming in mid of November and to provide as much aid to those flood affected people as we can. I therefore request to all of you that please don't think that there is no need to help further, still there are thousands of people who are suffering for a single meal, the change in weather also has spread some serious diseases and they still are waiting for our help, so please spread this word and join our hands to facilitate them and their needs.


  1. Unfortunately IDP issue has taken back seat as media has moved on to new issues hence people now think that this issue is a non issue now. But in fact the actual gravity of devastation of floods is actually now surfacing as the most important work of rehabilitation is under way and need more help now than before. You have very well pointed to this aspect.

  2. YES, and as we hear from BBC/World Media that Haiti is just now seeing outbreaks of Cholera and with suspicions of UN Teams and US soldiers (may or may not be true?) we do need to work on prevention in these cases as much as possible.Could be that given the widespread devastation in Pakistan due to the floods your country and some of the larger and smaller teams working with the helpless are doing some things which other nations have not in similar situations to prevent worse from occurring - yet we know that much worse could still happen if not for constant vigilance and help.

    Thanx for what each of your team is doing to represent all who care. I am just now getting out the word of your work to a group of very caring people in your area and have sent you a copy of this INTRO. I hope they will connect with your team and find ways to share resources and personnel. DO let me know if you don't hear from them and I will try to resend the connecting info.

    I'm still working on venues in US...harder than I tho't but I won't give up at all...I have a cultural program which will include the floods' affectees' great needs and Shafique Sahib's good work as well coming up in my local library.

    Keep up the great, satisfying work of Allah, Spirit and True Humanity as One.

    And plz do keep balance and feel NO guilt about enjoying your young beautiful life. Stay healthy, rested and follow your own best sense of priorities for peace and fulfillment. You do this better than most people I know, dear Urooj.

  3. Dear Urooj, I realize what a list you carry for your responsibilities as writer, student and volunteer for the most in need....

    SO, there is no hurry on the video from you and/or the others...

    As I'm doing a monthly series on Happy Water, Pakistan Floods and Culture and more...the first one is November 15th and so I will let you know when the other is...

    Again and again, I wish/pray/want deeply to offer more help and encouragement...alas, I'm sure our help from here will be still useful later?