Sunday, October 17, 2010

SOIS workshop held on 16th October at i2L Academy: "Democracy according to Iqbal (I)"

Generally when concept of democracy is being discussed according to Iqbal, there are various misinterpretations that are commonly observed among the people. This workshop helped to reveal the hidden meanings of democracy for Iqbal and how Iqbal defines the democracy in Islam.

Seven different excerpts from different periods of Iqbal's life and different works of Iqbal were discussed. I will post them one by one so readers would also be able to discuss them easily.

Political Thought in Islam (1908)

In theory all Muslims, men and women, possess the right of election. There is no property qualification. In practice, however, women and slaves did not exercise this right. Some of the early lawyers seem to have recognized the danger of mass-elections as they endeavor to show that the right of election resides only in the tribe of the Prophet. Whether the seclusion of women grew up in order to make women incapable of exercising a right which in theory could not be denied to them, I cannot say.


  1. this is marvelous....Iqbal...tried to give basics of Islamic Democracy....

    And what I understand from this paragraph that Sir Muhammad Iqbal..was enlightening the Citizen.

    He believed that all the human beings are entitled to vote and thus can make judgement either they want to select the number of representatives to make important decisions for them or they want to make the decisions themselves.

    But if one is human he/she should come forward to vote.

  2. Thinking, thank you so much for the further explanation of the excerpt which is very useful.