Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ideology and Practical

I was so happy and desparate after attending the launching ceremony of "Rashid Minhas" but it just went away today when unwillingly i got a worst discussion to my colleague. I entered the digital lab and going towards my computer, just talked generally about the remarkable win of Pakistan against world champion Australia on 24th of July in the Leads Test match, after 15 years Pakistani team managed to equalise a series with 1-1.

I said it happily and adjusted to my seat then suddenly he turned to me and said in a very taunting manner, "What worth it was of. There is no benefit of Cricket to us. All players got 5 lac rupees each with the tax we paid and we even don't have enough money for our life expenses".

I always avoid him because he never tries to understand the joy, happiness and association within the Pakistani Nation that's the spirit of living for the whole Pakistani Nation. Its just a little moment of joy for the Nation, Why should not we celebrate it in a situation where there are no happy news in the entire country. He just considers the bad things around us, the worst economic and social conditions, the less ethical cultural values, He does not think about the unschooled masses who are actually suffering from the economic crisis, who are real victims of terrorism and still they have more hope than us.

I never tried to argue with him because he always tries to defend his point of view.

"The Nation is a fool always celebrates worthless things. PCB and players are eating our money and we are celebrating the stupid win." He also imagines things as he feels them and so decides whatever is right according to him.

"I am getting bad manners from others, how can i present good manners to them?" He follows others may be he is not able to decide things on his own.

This is not the behavior of one single person, most of the literate people think that they have no future in Pakistan and they would go abroad if they find an opportunity.

I admit that things are more worse than ever, but the educated and matured middle class people are really responsible to rehabilitate Pakistan, we can give our best in every field with honesty and loyalty, even we can guide and educate unschooled masses that how can this condition be changed. But the ground realities are different. We, all are trying to run away from our responsibilities because we have lost the essence of education, we just learn to make money and become materialistic, no moral, no ethics, no purpose of life, no service to country, even no Love.......may be.

I am amazed that the many middle class people like me always look worried about inflation, which is increasing day by day, but when i visit any market once in months, i never found a single shop where there are no customers. There are people everywhere and the market looks more crowded compare to last few years. I smile and say to my sister, " Who says that inflation is increasing, the women of whole Karachi have flooded in the markets, still we complain. Is it become our habit to complain for each and everything around us."

I did not want to argue with my colleague, but at that moment when he cursed the whole Nation, i could not resist and argued with him. The argument become serious and i just finished with a sentence, "Never try to argue with me again, may be i am not able to convince you or you are not able to understand."

He against taunted me with his last sentence, "You always talk ideologically, there is no practical implication of your thoughts, you are just a fool."

I did not answer him, but with burning nerves and red face i just promised to myself, "I will one day show you that practical implications are worthless without ideology."


  1. You just share the views of my Uncle.He's the same too.Whenever we go the market he points us that if there's not enough to eat then why so many are people busy shopping.Why are the cars increasing on the streets.According to him it's just our greed which makes us un happy.
    I also do agree with him up to some extend.
    Wonderful post..!

  2. You are an idealist and your idealism is based on the ideology that man is worth his idea. Those who think that all this talk of idealism and ideology are just an utopian chatter should know that concepts and ideas always precedes great acts. Even the greatest creator and creator of all, God before creating everything with a single utterance of word ‘kun’ thought of creating before actually creating all this. Never get bogged down on negative remarks take them up as the reminders that your positivity is attracting negativity as the third law of motion by Newton!

  3. Zehra, thank you so much for your beautiful comment.

  4. Akhtar sir, thank you so much for enhancing my courage. I always get so much energy with your words, the passion and strength that keeps me going and survive between people like this is just due to the people like you around me.