Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Rainbow.......

Human intellect can define the word "color" in two different ways. One way is scientific while the other one is artistic, both have some dimensions. According to science it is white light which has all seven colors and just these colors can be visualized when there is a ray of sunlight passes from a drop of rain or when there is a medium change in the path of light. Whatever color we see actually the thing absorbs all other colors and just reflects that one to make it visible, therefore white color reflects all colors and looks white where as black color absorbs all colors and looks black. In art there is an individual identity of each and every color, when these colors mix together they form further new beautiful colors to enhance the beauty of the universe.

Life is full of different colors but actually there are just major seven colors which are found in white color of light. Each color has some unique features and i personally thought few days back in detail about the role of these colors of rainbow in our life. They are seven in numbers converge to form the white color and when something absorbs all colors they give it a new unique color i.e. Black.

For me, the red color which attracts every man with desires is the most expressive color, it gives us courage for a desire, may be therefore brides always like to wear red color because it reflects their joyous desires for the future.

Orange and yellow colors are bright and shiny , they can convert one's desire into Passion and Love, may be therefore Sun has yellow and orange combination during dawn and dusk.

Green is for Peace and prosperity, provides a space for inner self to get connection with the peace outside and inside, may be therefore National flag has green color.

Blue is the most beautiful color i.e. the color of Unity between thoughts, feelings and ideas, may be therefore sky and seas are blue.

Indigo is for pain and miseries which later on give us strength and power to face troubles of life, preserves our qualities and prevents us from losing, may be therefore some birds who survive in severe climate and weather conditions have indigo color of their body and feathers.

Violet is for the accomplishment has a feeling of wholeness, having rain and sunlight, nights and days, dawn and dusk, pain and joy everything, may be therefore there is a huge number of flowers and buds which have got the violet color.

These all colors are found in white light, and whenever it passes from a droplet of rain spreads these seven colors which actually hidden inside it.

White is the color which reflects all colors present in white light. May be therefore clouds, snow, moon and pigeon have white color.

And finally black which unlike white absorbs all colors of white light, may be therefore it is found everywhere in the universe. In sky and earth when night without moon, in birds and animals, in flowers and buds, in joy and pain, in eyes and hairs, in forests and farms, in stones and diamonds.

So, there are seven unique colors in light which altogether form every black and white of the Universe.
By the way, I was not willing to write this post after reading Sir Akhtar's beautiful post "My, Your and Our world" and just written on the encouragement by Connie.


  1. I am so happy to see this most lovely extension of Sir Akhtar Wasim Dar's post. Yet your's is also unique in and of itself. Yours, Urooj, is quite a feast for the eyes of the soul. Both this one and Dar Sahib's leads me to yearn to be the painter I always wanted to be. Yet, even while not one, I still can fine tune the "artist within" to a greater degree now because of both these posts.

    I am particularly struck by the mention of seven with the colors and the distinction between reflection and absorbing of colors. Quite a distinction since one results in white and the other black. Both white and black having their purposes obvious and hidden. Also I like the way you show the value of both science and art and with gentle implication perhaps indicate that in art there might sometimes be even more varieties of expression and awareness than science itself. (A field many consider to be definitive - yet maybe not so?)

    For years I've wanted to write a little book called "Light and Reflection" and so you bring up new ideas and considerations...

    How interesting to see how our themes here in this RR community do overlap and touch one another.

  2. All things of beauty and fascination are always simple on surface but that does not mean that they don’t carry profoundness and intensity. The way Urooj you have conceived, written and presented this remarkable color prognosis is charismatically captivating and each word looks alluringly as vibrant as the seven colors of rainbow. The poet in you have felt, sensed and crafted a poem in prose.

  3. Connie, thank you so much. Yes, Sir Akhtar's post was amazing and i was little amazed after reading it because i was thinking on this topic for days and just i found a beautiful post.
    I decided not to write the post but your encouragement personally pushed me to write this post. I have found beautiful friends here who always support me and thats so joyful for me.

    Also, i will wait for you to write the book so i could get more inspirations from your side.

    Thanks again.

  4. Sir Akhtar, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. Your words are so precious and valuable for me.

  5. Indeed...Urooj...you have created a good post on colors....

    Colors are important for one to seek and learn...it helped us to keep track...

    And colors can be used to give us happiness too...

    Colors are important as so many other things in this world...

    Whenever I see colors in there best combination...I praise my MAKER....

    What a wonderfull personality HE has...WHO have created so colorfully this world...

    To Allah be all glory.

  6. Thinking, thank you for this beautiful comment.