Monday, August 16, 2010

The revival.....

Iqbal is now in advertisement. The new Olper song for this Ramzan is the famous ghazal of Iqbal "Her lahza hai momin ki nai shan nai aan" and the interesting thing is that the video is only about kids, the future of this world.

So, here Iqbal revives.


  1. Iqbal is in the depth of our hearts and his ideology is thriving there. A lovely advertisement and true, Iqbal's message is reaching and carving the future generations of the whole world, and the coming revolution will perhaps be more strong than the one that created Pakistan, because the whole world is under the DIRECT influence of it as this time a 'new world' is being shaped and people from all over the world are participating in it.

  2. I totally agree with Miss Namrah.
    Iqbal was not only for a specific time, for specific people,He has a message for all, just as our Holy BOOK Quran has the message for all,no matter if he is even a Muslim or not.
    This similarity is because of only one thing "TRUTH".

  3. Cute presentation of Iqbal’s poem by OLPERS.

  4. I tend to agree with you each and all about Iqbal and his influence on Pakistan and World at Large.
    Seeing that so much comes by inspiration from Allah's Holy Spirit and Rumi may explain some of this gift...

  5. Dear Urooj, what is your favorite Rumi poem?


  6. Dear Connie, I Love all poems of Rumi but unfortunately i could not read more poems. I love "The King and the slave girl very much".

    Tell me what's your favorite poem?