Friday, August 13, 2010

Gham-e-Agahi (Grief of Awareness)

About three years ago, when i was not very skillful in writing, thought about writing a novel continuously but could not get enough courage and potential to start it.

Although, i am still not very much learned about the skills of writing a novel, but at least i have got enough courage and potential to start it.

Many writers write about griefs, pains and miseries because life is all about hardships and difficulties, but i had noticed that they mostly write about griefs which destroy people never strengthen them, while i have myself experienced a grief which made me more stronger and courageous and i felt myself much mature than my age, it taught me to smile with even worst losses and painful moments, i learned to occupy my failures and move towards success.

So, i wanted to write about the pain and grief which is not destructive instead constructive and creative.

Then, luckily i found people like Sir Khurram, Sir Akhtar, Connie, Thinking, Rizwan and many other at RR and SOIS, who enhanced my Passion and with all of them Komal was a blessing for me in each and every moment. She continuously encouraged and helped me for last three years that i should not leave writing.

During Iqbal studies and learning from Republic of Rumi, i experienced some new personal experiences which gave me support even to think about how i should write and on which things i must concentrate during writing, with all this i also recognize my original intention that what i really want to write?

"There is a kind of grief that consumes you and fills poison into Jamshid's Cup. Yet there is another kind of grief that consumes all other grief and turns the heart into a boundless ocean". [Republic of Rumi]

Now, when i am writing and gradually proceeding the novel, i want to share some parts of this novel to all of you that i get some feedback and then decide how i must take the novel in forward direction, or either i am capable of writing it or not.

Its originally going to be written in Urdu, and i have translated some parts although i am not good in translations at all, so any mistake should be forgiven.

I will post these writings on another blog having url

I had not enough time today, so i am just posting a little portion and will post further later on inshAllah.

Give me your feedback please.


  1. Wow, how compelling! Komal, you are to be well-commended to encourage such a gift and insight. YES, dear Urooj, I too have felt this from you as you describe self: "i felt myself much mature than my age, it taught me to smile with even worst losses and painful moments, i learned to occupy my failures and move towards success."

    I am so looking forward to each step of the way. Plz don't worry if you can't translate all or if you must just describe in essence a little...

    The quote from Rumi is also dazzling - what a foundation for what you are doing. It also fits my little greeting today, so I will put it in my comments only.

    Sorry to not be here much during Ramzan which I'm entering into seriously along with some work long put off on several hands. But you and all the other friends here will certainly be deep in my heart and prayers as always.

    Ramza Mubarak!

  2. Connie, you just again surprised me with your interests and thanks for putting your precious time for me.

    Ramadan Mubarak you too and also Happy independence day of Pakistan or in urdu "Jashan-e-Azadi Mubarak".

  3. The courage and the awareness that you have shown in your writings are a clear indication that GHAME AGAHI is going to be a worthy experience not only for you as writer but also for those readers who believe that the experiences of others are a gift from God for learning and progressing without the hardship of experiencing that event. Each event has an experience and information contained in it , and it is just like a seed that would ultimately bring flowers, fruits and the spring time.

    Please write, without the fear of failure or unacceptability, writing is one thing which is learned by writing, writing and more writing….

  4. Sir Akhtar, thank you so much for encouraging me and yes, i have understood that by writing we can learn to overcome the flaws that are found in previous writings.

  5. Woww GIRL!! thats awesome, such a thing which needs lots of appreciation! i really dint know about this great news that you are gonna wrie a NOvEL! mashAllah! hope you do it well and I'm sure you will InshaAllah:)

    Thats a very very good step,that you are trying to write a novel, hence making your dream come true :)I think taking the very first step is the MOST difficult, its not about when you take but HOW you take.After you manage to give your target a go,leave all at Allah but give your best to it.

    "Man can never discover new oceans,unless he has the courage to lose the sight of the shore"

  6. Reebz, thank you so much. I am sure that inshAllah i will do it if i will have support of friends like you.