Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here we go..........

Karachi is once again in a wave of terror and fear. For last three days the whole life in Karachi has been ceased and everybody was hesitating to come out from their homes.

I myself did not go to university of Karachi for last two days, although there was only one holiday announced by the government and University was supposed to be open yesterday and today. But due to the lack of public transport, nobody could go.

National center for Proteomics had arranged a lecture today, Dr. Shahid Karim who works in University of Southern Mississippi(USA) had to arrive this Morning and during the very short stay of three hours in Karachi, he had to present a lecture on Arthropods diseases in post-genomic era.

His lecture was predefined and all preparations were completed but due to current situation, we all were uncertain and due to which i called my director last night and confirmed about the lecture. I was sure that after having a look on news about these circumstances, Dr. Shahid would probably have refused to present the lecture but surprisingly she told me that "He is going to present the lecture and he has confirmed his availability".

Now, when i came out this morning, like the previous day, i found no buses and any other public transport to reach University. Also, i felt it dangerous to travel within the city in these circumstances, but commitment is commitment.

"When Dr. Shahid can make it, why not i?"

I hired a rickshaw and with all my fears and trust on Allah, i finally reached my destination. Huma did not want me to go alone so she came with me.

There were some people in center like Faraz and Muniza, who came in spite of having dangers and therefore my director was pretty much satisfied that at least we are in a position to held the lecture.

Dr. Shahid reached at time and lecture started successfully although there were less people to attend the lecture as we were expecting, but even then he thanked all of us for coming in such a critical situation.

I wondered who should really pay thanks to other?

He did a brilliant job and presented his work related to Proteomics and Genomics of arthropods tick related diseases in a wonderful manner that even me did not feel sleepy during his whole lecture.

After the lecture, i got an honor to present the bouquet of white flowers on the behalf of NCP staff. On tea, we all had a discussion with him on current problems of research in Pakistan and he discussed it with deep interest.

I wonder why Pakistan is lacking some courageous people like Dr. Shahid Karim? Why our talent is being utilized for other Nations and not for itself? Will it be possible to have such skillful and hard working people around us in a huge number?

But i am not hopeless, our time will come InshAllah.......

Anyways, Dr. Shahid thank you so much for coming and saving me from a restless day at home.


  1. Great title, beautiful picture and perfect timely post, and these lines is simply glorious and inspirational:
    ‘but commitment is commitment.’
    ‘I wondered who should really pay thanks to other?’
    ‘But i am not hopeless, our time will come InshAllah.......’
    Yes, ‘hum deykhenge’

  2. Before I read this post I especially noticed your commitment to writing this novel in Urdu with the the title "Gham-e-Agahi" or simply "Grief of awareness". Now that I've read another piece of your beautiful work, I'm wondering if this is another example of your own "Gham-e-Agahi" --

    (The major dilemmas, choices and decisions in each day - some days & moments more than others?)

    Or if there are other kinds of situations you have in mind? Well, don't worry, I know sometimes writers don't want to talk (maybe shouldn't talk) before publication.

    Yet in this new day & era, I am just barely considering putting a novel online?

    No one can write just like you and I notice no matter what your subject, it is not only beautifully-written and offers tangible guidance/inspiration (As Dar Sahib has said) yet everything about it is also so balanced.

    Not an easy feat...yet you perhaps have a natural gift in this area?

  3. Hard to get my husband here often but since he's a scientist willing to learn about the poetic, I got him to read this entire post slowly and he really was impressed with the combination you have managed between the scientific and the inner expressions...

  4. If determination is what made Dr. Shahid what he is today then in the courage and drive with which you tackled that day; you appear to match his potential!

  5. Sir Akhtar, there is not a single word which could be used to pay your thanks on this beautiful appreciation. So, i just will say that this is an honor to have such a reader for my blog who is really helping me in learning and getting connected to the knowledge.

  6. Connie, first of all i want to share a truth of life with you as you literally enhanced my passion for writing my novel. There are griefs in my life which at one time felt like miserable pain, then once i got one grief and all other pains and sorrows simply went away. I did not know what should this grief called which makes us free and careless from every other grief in the world, it teaches us how to face life with courage and hope even in very worst conditions, so i named it whatever i felt and called it simply "Grief of awareness". In this novel, which i hope so that one day you will surely read it even in urdu, you will find some reflections of my own personal experiences but in some other ways, I am trying to generalize it as possible as i can, so every man could find some links of his own life with it.

    Thanks for your appreciation for the post. A friend like you is always a gift from God, and i am such a lucky person in case of pure friendship.

    I also want to pay thanks to your husband, for reading my post and appreciating it even in very busy schedule.

    Thank you so much, both of you.

  7. Faraz, thank you so much for coming. I am not sure what worth my potential is, but at least i have some potential and that is the only thing important for me.

  8. hmm...sorry for late reply..Urooj...but you once again proved that you are THE very bright and energized and committed youth of Pakistan on which we all have eyes and faith...

    Good Work dear...and Allah bless you.

  9. Thinking, thank you so much for this appreciation.

  10. So glad I came back for each and every comment glad to see Faraz keenly taking part :)with his own freshly genuine words...

    Urooj, without knowing in words until now, I knew in spirit that your experience deepened you so that your refining of inner life has become apparent in a quiet little glow. Those with awareness at all can't help but see. And besides others' work here at RR, my desire to learn Urdu is now more intense.

    Your theme for the novel is something I don't remember hearing or putting the way you do and yet makes sense to me and invites me further in.

    "Grief of awareness" - the name is so distilled yet full of promise for us all...

  11. And Urooj, I did post another comment to your's on my first prayer post where you commented :)

  12. Connie, i just saw the comment and loved it. I am also going to comment on your recent beautiful post " Art as prayer...", which gave me such an inspiration that is worth for me.

    I will later share some "griefs of awareness" to you in order to get a feedback for my novel.

  13. I would love this sharing, Urooj, just in case some are more or less personal at this point, feel free to send to my newer email address:

    Left another comment under yours on Art as Prayer...thanx again for the fruitful interaction. :)