Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haq Maujud (The present truth)

Ho Allah,
[ O God]
Ho Allah, Ho Allah,
[ O God, O God]

Aik Allah kaloon mein dardi,
[I fear only Allah]

Aik Maula kaloon mein dardi,
[I fear only my Master]

Mahi yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my beloved]

Maula yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my Master]

Ho Allah, Allah, Maula
[O God, O Protector]

Tu hee hai mein naa hi sajna
[You are the Universe, i am nothing]

Khuway di purchain wangun, gum riya mann mahi
[My heart waivers like the image reflected off the well's surface]

Jidhar waikha tuiyon disda
[Wherever i look, i see only You]

Bullah disda naahi
[Bullah can not see himself even when he looks inside]

Mahi yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my beloved]

Maula yaar di gharoli bhardi
[I fill this pot(myself) with the Love for my Master]

Ya Ali, Ali Ali, Man ammi goyam an-nal haq
[O Ali, Ali Ali, I say that i am the creative truth]

Man ammi goyam an-nal haq Yaar ni goyak vigo
[I say that i am the truth, my God tells me to say so]

choo na goyam choomra dildar ni goyak di go
[Why shouldn't i say so, my God asks me to]

Jhoom charakhra, jhoom charakhra saaiyan da, teri kattan wali jeeway
[The one who is spreading your message in this world, may he has a long life]

Kattan wali jeeway, ho larriyan, kattan wali jeeway
[may he has a very long life]

Maida Ishq vi tun, maida yaar vi tun, maida deen vi tun, Iman vi tun
[You are my Love, my friend, my religion and my faith]

Maida jism vi tun, maidi rooh vi tun, maida qalb vi tun, jind jaan vi tun
[You are my flesh, you are my soul, you are my heart, you are the life]

Maida Kaabah, qibla, masjid, mandir, mazhab tey Quraan vi tun
[You are my Kaaba, qibla, mosque, temple, religion and Quran]

Maiday farz, fareezay, haj, zakaatan, saum, salat, azan vi tun
[You are my obligatory rituals(i perform), pilgrimage, charity, fasting, prayer, even the call to prayer]

Maida fikar vi tun, maida zikar vi tun, maida zauq vi tun, wajdhan vi tun
[You are my thoughts, you are my words, you are my choice, you are my ecstasy]

Jai yaar fareed, Rab karam karay
[Fareed, may God be generous]

sarkar vi tun, sultan vi tun
[You are my Master, You are my king]

Jhoom charakhra, jhoom charakhra, teri kattan wali jeeway
[That life within us continues to live on forever]

Saaiyan, Allah
[my Lord, my God]


  1. Candid post.
    I love this.
    Coke studio is doing a great job gathering all the music masters in one place to create some of the best music of this era.
    I loved the one by Arif lohar too..
    It was something like Dumghutkoon...:)

  2. Yeah it was jugnee jee and earlier posted by Faraz Haider on his blog "My Thoughts".

  3. Thanx so much to BOTH you and Faraz (missed earlier) for this beautiful music and the translated words as well. "Matches" the spirit of earlier Sufis and all lovers of God. I can only imagine how beautiful if I were able to hear the original language! :) How this wounded world is in need of the truth here-in!

  4. Connie, you have really a sense of beauty which enables you to understand the language of Love and Music, no matter whatever language it is, you always share your beautiful words.

    World is really in a need of healing and this mystic Love, music and beauty can help us to heal ourselves and then others to bring back the beauty of the world.

  5. We have recently seen the great revival of Sufi poetry and our youngsters have shown great flair in singing and appreciating these timeless jewels. Your participation in this act is an ample proof that our youngsters are turning towards that glorious path that is writ with a destiny of light, forbearance and truth.

  6. hmm...yes...I am liking Coke Studio too...but sometimes it feels like not going right....

    Anyhow...everyone is allowed to invent and to invent one must do expirements...right Urooj?

  7. Sir Akhtar, yes i agree that the time for the revival of this music has been come and coming days will prove it.

    Thinking, you are right everyone is allowed to invent and do experiments, as far as coke studio concerns, i did not observe anything which could be going wrong.