Sunday, September 5, 2010

Friends Indeed........

After having a successful visit to Sukkur for Relief camp, everybody in this friends group wanted to continue work for Flood Victims as much as possible till the very end of the rehabilitation of Flood victims.

So, I am going to start a new blog with the name Friends Indeed.......which would be used as a Forum to co-operate, collaborate and to collect funds on a larger scale for continuation of this relief work.

This is the url of the blog:

I have started to post the details of our work from the very first day, so everyone is requested to share his part as possible.


  1. I hope it will be a nice platform to share our experiences!
    I missed an opportunity of being the part of these relief activities because i was extremely ill! nut I'm planning to join COD army relief camp tomorrow inshaAllah!

  2. hmmm...keep up the good work...dear Urooj.

  3. Wow, blessings and prayers, ReeBz on your camp work and the same for this new blogsite and effort, Urooj! For now, I am restricted to just a post every now & then and adding info in comments. So I'll add your new link now, Urooj, and more later on both of your reports (probably by Friday)...

    Plz also share fund-raising ideas, recipes and suggestions for international support.

    Human Interest Stories and Inspirations help...

    Perhaps one or several of you will want to get in touch with Yasir Sahib mentioned in my newest post recently and the leadership gathering today? You certainly would have lots to offer such a group.

  4. Great work..
    I wish I could go to Punjab side too.
    But I'm happy at least I 'm able to Do something.
    Before I go back,I'm gonna have another trip to thatta ,this time not with the forces but with a reputed welfare trust,"Al-May-mar trust".

  5. Reebz, Thinking, Connie and Hamza thank you so much for this encouragement.