Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today, I had some very new and beautiful experiences while i was attending the SOIS workshop on "Waheed Murad: a spiritual journey".

I just came to know about further different aspects of "Ishara" which even I could not observed when saw these clips from the movie on Sir Khurram's blog.

Second important thing was that I got a chance to meet Salma Waheed Murad for the first time and it was nice to see her sharing her feelings with us.

The third and the most important thing was that I met with Sir Akhtar Wasim Dar there, he came and I did not know that he is coming. When he entered the room, I surprisingly stared him, because I got a sense of familiarity, then I recognized him.

Although, I wanted to talk to him more but in a short time that I got, it was very nice to hear him while I am used to hear him through his writings and now I was honored to hear him speaking in front of me.

I felt this feeling of happiness and satisfaction very few times in my life after meeting someone. It was a source of energy for me to meet such a person who is really a source of inspiration during my writings.

May be one day, InshAllah when I will meet Connie who is also a source of inspiration for me like many others in RR, this feeling of happiness will be with me again.


  1. Hello, I came here briefly to see if there were any reports on this special weekend event and here I am so highly rewarded to see Urooj beautiful warm report.

    As expected with your ability to paint pictures with your words, you are have described with color and light this event including that of Akthar Sahib, the meeting with the celebrity and the inner joys of new insights.

    What a surprise to see my name mentioned and your prayer to meet me, Urooj. Shukriya! Of course I am praying similarly. My husband is already willing for us to go to Pakistan some day and perhaps if your team working with flood affected is still in operation, he will be able to join the doctors.

    Meantime, how I hope to learn more about this special event and pray perhaps we could feature something like the same here in North Carolina along with raising funds for flood affected, InshAllah.

    Will return to RR soon to find more reports and to read each of your recent posts/writings.

  2. Connie, thank you so much for coming. Your words are always very encouraging for me.

    Its good to know that you and your husband are planning to come Pakistan. I wish that time will come soon, InshAllah. Yes, if he would come and join our team of doctors, it will be very nice to work with him.

    Also, I will inshAllah write the details of the workshops and a short review on this event, so you would be able to know more and use that if it could help you for any fund raising event there.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thinking and Zehra, thanks to both of you.

  4. What a fine event it was on the weekend, Khurram Sahib very characteristically showed us how beautifully and meaningfully he can tie the loose end and cast his magic spell with the intelligent use of information at his disposable.

    Urooj it was very nice to meet you though briefly but it was a real pleasure meeting the composed, confident and intelligent young scientist-poet-novelist who has a certain gleam in her eyes which points to her true, profound and searching soul. And thanks for saying so kind words about me, I am honored.

  5. Sir Akhtar, thank you so much for these beautiful words for me. I am honored sir.

  6. @Sir Akhtar: a singer as well :p

  7. riz, please don't try to prove me a singer as well, singing a song sometimes does not mean that I am a good singer too.

  8. Woww that must be very awesome!!You made me recall my happiness when i managed to attend the book launch!I wish sir Akhter had come then too.I hope I manage to grab the honor of meeting him as well.

    Connie,please tell us in advance if you ever manage to come Paksitan!No matter what I'll come to meet you for sure :)My imagination has taken me in fantasy land where we are exchanging greetings :D

    Take care, and thanks for your love and concern towards Pakistan :)

  9. Reebz, I can understand your feelings and I pray that your wish come true soon.

  10. How you warm my heart, dear ReeBz and dear Urooj!