Thursday, December 24, 2009

She is like a mirror...........

I am a self and i want to know my self. The question was that how can i know my self?
And then i found a woman. She was beautiful, innocent and intelligent. I fell in love with her. I started to know about her. It was a new feeling for me.Undefined, unexpressed, unsaid but still pleasure with a sorrow.Love is a journey and i was now a traveller through this journey.But even then she was a mystery for me, i wanted to discover her. I did it. I married her, gave her Love, respect , all i could give to her. I learned what i did not in my past life. She was a pious woman and living with her made my life a paradise.
I found myself as different as it could be, as loving, as kind and as generous as one human should be. I was surprised how a woman can change a man who is more powerful than her.
This time i got an answer came from depth of my heart:

She is like a mirror,
when you try to know her,
you try to know yourself.

when you give a smile to her,
you are kind to universe,
when you find beauty of love,
you are pleased to have an adverse.

when you try to flow your tear,
she picks each and makes them bear,
because she is like a river,
and you are sea near to her.

when you look into her eyes,
you find your soul in paradise,
because she is like a mirror,
and you see your image there.


  1. Er, if its ur pic, then i think i have seen you somewhere =S
    are you or were u a KU student in recent past or present :)?

  2. this is not my pic but i am a KU student.

  3. Oh nice to know.
    From which dept do you belong ?