Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mandh Waai (Shah Lateef)

Wo Allah

(Oh God)

Manndho peandey moon

(Drinking the wine of Gnosis)

Saajan sahi suneeato

(The beloved I perceived)

Toon habeeb

(You are the friend)

Toon tabeeb

(You are the physician)

Toon hi dardan ji dawa

(Only You are the remedy of pain)

Janiba muhinji jeea men aazara ja anwa

(Dearest! In my being are thousands of afflictions)

Sahib dey shifa meeyaan marizan khey

(O Lord, pray heal the sick and afflicted)

Allaha “Abdul Latif” chae

(O God, Abdul Latif says)

Bhit jo ghoto Latif says

(Latif, the darling of Bhit Shah, says)

Toon hi aaheen toon

(There is none but You)

Saajan sahi suneeato

(The beloved I perceived)

Ji Lateef

(O good Latif)

O Lateef

(O Lateef)

Challa sindhari wasai Lateef

(May the land of Sindh remain prosperous, Latif)

Bhalo Miyaan Allah

(Good Master Allah)


  1. Thanks for the translation of this lovely piece Urooj :)
    The poem is beyond what my words can possibly express!

  2. Namrah, thanks for coming and commenting. Yes, this kalam of Shah Latif is beyond any praise.

  3. True :)

    Only He is the remedy of pain...

  4. rIZ, thank you for liking and commenting. And yes, it is very true that He is the only healer.

  5. hmmm....very nice...Urooj...thanks for putting it up here...your translations are good too....

  6. Thinking, thanks for liking, and by the way I am not good at translations, and just picked this translated lyrics from some website.

  7. This was my meditation before going to sleep and before leaving the beautiful heartfelt friends in this RR community for a few days or maybe a few weeks.

    What gorgeous transcendent and devoted music. I am fully resonate with the same. Also lovely poetry and thank you for your translation. I too love the line that He is the only remedy of pain.

    Today, I saw an anonymous line which says

    Our most secret wound is our open door into healing.

    I still am behind yet do plan and look forward to your novel. Be patient with me yet don't hesitate to contact a trusted editor/publisher even if some places still rough. I do feel that you will be glad to do so.

    Blessings and prayers, dear Urooj, on ALL you do.

  8. Connie, thank you for coming, listening and feel the peace hidden in this beautiful work.

    You always come with some beautiful words.

    Don't get yourself too hectic for reading my novel, i will wait and you can read it with ease.

    And, thank you for beautiful prayers and wishes, I do wish same for you dear friend.