Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Synopsis of "Balwa Mangal", A beautiful play by "Agha Hashar Kashmiri"

As many times, i read this play, more i got an intense feeling of Love for it.

Here i am just giving a short summary of this play to share with all of you and to know what are your's interpretations about the play.

There is an interesting dialog between Krishna and Shankar about the good and the evil in the world, after which, finally Krishna asks Shankar to test his powers on a Hindu Brahman Balwa Mangal, who is destroying his life as well as religion in the lust of a woman named as Chinta Muni who is a prostitute. Shankar , joyfully accepts the challenge. But, when he tries to convince the man in all possible ways he could, to leave that wrong woman and go back to his wife, Shankar remains unsuccessful and returns back with disappointment.

On the death bad of Raamdas(Father of Balwa Mangal), he orders his son not to go towards Chinta Muni and to remain faithful to his wife, but Balwa , after death of his father leaves his home and decides to go at the home of Chinta.

In the dark and stormy night, when he reaches at her home, at the time, due to certain circumstances and critical situation, Chinta Muni turns out to be a pure woman and also shows the image of Balwa in the mirror of life, to him. Being very surprised and embarrassed, Balwa like Chinta decides to change his life.

Krishna, then along with Shankar, comes in contact to both of them one by one, keeping himself unknown for both and tries to check their Love for him.

And finally, after the test and hard examination of both, at Bindraban, Krishna meets both of them, tells the truth and rewards them the gift of his Love.


  1. hmm...pity I never get chance to read Agha Hashr Kashmiri...

    Anyways...Urooj that was nice explaining of the story....I one day borrow these novels from you to get know to Hashr Sahib.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very precisely written synopsis.

    Although I have not read this play completely but the last scene which I read was truly inspiring and touching. Will read the whole play soon inshaAllah!

    And I am waiting for the synopsis of other plays of Agha Hashr as well...

  3. Thinking thanks for your comment. Its always nice to see your comment on my blog.

    You can surely borrow this from me.

  4. Komal thanks you too, I love to see your comment because it was you, to whom i shared the story of play first time when i read it.

    I will try to write synopsis of other plays also.

  5. Don't know why such plays and stories can never get my attention.. :S
    I don't know what it is, but Hindi terms names and the fictions, i simply don't have the right mind to understand this art :D

  6. Reebz may be this is not the right time, but if you want to take interest in this type of art then you slightly will have to work on your urdu reading. If you dont have interest then this is a different thing. I just published this synopsis for an overview for people who have not read it.

    I am really keen to know the comments after reading this synopsis. Anything which adhere your attention, you can share it with me.

  7. Each one of us is on a mission in this world, and its not only that we choose our responsibilities but it is also the other way round when responsibilities also choose us. The story is also a mirror that shows that the real image of the other person is not the one which we perceives in our minds, based on our imaginations, biases and conjectures but the one that reflects in the reality of thick and thin of this life. The mirror of life means the truth that manifests unrestricted and unhindered in this time and space with all five senses working beyond any doubt and contradiction, fully appraise, fully aware and fully awakened.

  8. What a beautiful comment, finally i found on my post.

    Thank you so much, sir Akhtar, for coming and giving a lovely description and a view on play, i did not know.

    The reason for publishing this synopsis, was to know whether this play like i thought, has more than one dimensions for others or not?

    I will soon publish summaries of other plays of Agha Hashar, because i love his all plays and want to share with all of you.

  9. I love the very quick view of this and intend to read well and respond next time I'm here...Insha Allah...hope that will be soon.

  10. Although I don't usually understand such plays but the post was quite short & explaining so I did Get a glimpse of what the play would be like. Nice .

  11. Hamza, thanks for your comment.

    I will soon post synopsis of other beautiful plays by Agha Hashar, the forgotten beauty of our literature that we have.