Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blessing from your Lord................

If you are sitting alone, right in the very far corner of a Park. A huge number of people around you, but still you feel yourself lonely. You have many reasons to sit alone and feel lonely, you are sticked with thoughts and nothing, but a wave of cruel feelings is emerging inside out.

If you have come there to keep yourself away from your beloved ones, because they have done something wrong to you.

You are not a careless person, you always try to keep things easy for others, you try to satisfy all people who are connected to you, at your home, at your work place and in your friends circle. Then it happens sometimes, that you are tired, want to have a physical and mental rest. Due to loads of work, you are fed up, your muscles are fatigued, your head starts aching continuously. Your body, even soul and mind ask for mercy and advice for a pause in everything in your routine life. Your heart asks for time, it needs to talk to you about yourself, happiness, sorrows, feelings, emotions and off course Love. You agree with your decision, but at that time you are unlucky if your loved ones do not understand what do you expect from them. They want you to do things like these are usual, they do not want to satisfy your expectations but expect it from your side, even they do not have time for you. What will you do then?

You are irritated, want to scream loudly, want to tell others that you want to cry because you are alone with your pain, head ache, fever and the invisible tears that can not be shed. You can not do anything in such a crowded park so you are sitting with head down starring at your hands grasped together in your lap, empty minded, speechless and perhaps expressionless, feeling pity for yourself.

When you come back from the park, you feel slightly fresh as your dullness has been slightly deprived due to the fresh breeze. Another thing that you feel inside your mind is the desicion you have taken, to be as selfish as others are, as careless for others as others are about you, as senseless and self-centered as you found others with you. You always decide this type of thing after every sad event, but never remain spotted on your desicion, but this time you are not agreed to step back whether anything would happen. You are satisfied and returned to home.

After reaching home, immediately you recieve a phone call from your one closed friend. What will you feel when he will say to you that he is tired, fatigued, depressed, having flu and fever and his loved ones are as kind with him as your's own are with you. He will tell you that he is feeling irritation and want to cry and scream loudly because he is alone with all his pain.

What will you do? hmmmmmmmmmm........

"You are not alone. I am with you" and then you too will share your same feelings and condition with him and you wonder that what will be his reaction?

He will surely say," You idiot, who says to you that you are alone. I am with you. You are a donkey whom God has transformed to human. You fool, if me and you are having same problems at same time, you know what does it mean. It means that Allah wants us to feel each other's feelings and so we do. You can not live alone and i won't let you die alone. Just visit me this weekend and that's final, no arguements. I am dying to see your face and thousands of things i want to tell you."

You first time in whole day smile by heart and try to say," But i visited you three days ago. You forgot that? This time it's your turn to visit my home."

What answer can you expect from other side," Nonsense, i have said that you will come, so you will come. I don't want to hear your rubbish. Just take care. See you at weekend. Allah hafiz."

You put reciever down and.........laugh, laugh for next few minutes. What will you feel? Perhaps you can feel that Nature has not blessed anyone like this or Allah loves you more than anyone else in this world or You are the one who got the most precious thing of the universe or anything else, but this is sure that you are so light, freed from every burden of your cruel thoughts, no pity, no desicion, no tirring, even no pain. You are still in fever but you have happiness because you have Love and a friend..........

A friend who is a blessing for you from your Lord............


  1. might be a case of depression....just kidding!!

  2. Well, its true, its a daily routine for many..
    i also feel lonely manytimes.. no one to hear, no one to care..some times i feel m the most unlucky person.. sometimes i feel taht even Allah isnot answering my prayers.. duuno why..
    Only one thing can help

    Forget each and every one. Keep your expectations low.
    And make Allah your best friend, whenever u feel lonely n tired, and wanna scream n cry.. offer two nafal,meet your Allah and now scream,cry or shout.. No one is there for you, but you will feel Allah is looking at you with love... Just try to feel.. It helps..~!
    Say all,share All with Allah....! u'll be relaXed!
    give it a try!

  3. Bilal and Reebz thanks for your comments....

  4. Word count of this blog-post is 808 and the post revolves mostly around such words as lonely, alone, sorrow, tiered, fatigued, irritated but all this is swept away by change of attitude, when a friend calls. One of the finest minds who knew what human psychology is all about was William James he said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind."

  5. Thank you so much sir for such a nice comment...and for this information about human psychology.
    I think you are the first one who really understood the theme of this post.