Monday, March 22, 2010

This is her style of celebrating Pakistan day........

Today is 23rd March 2010, Pakistan day celebrations and a public holiday in entire country. Everyone(according to me) would at least taken a good sleep because i think we all needed rest as we were tired after a full working Monday. Although some of us celebrated it in their own real way. Here i have one example.

I am working for last 8 months in HEJ research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, for completion of my M.Sc thesis which is now submitted and last processing is running for publishing a research paper. Yasmeen is a P.H.D student in the same lab in which i am working on collaboration. She is in this lab for almost five years and now in hardly six months, she is going to be Dr. Yasmeen.
I always call her a machine, but i know it's a crime i do every time. She comes at 8.30 in the morning, obviously in order to come so early using public transport or HEJ van she has to wake up so early in the morning as she lives far from university area. During my own work in lab i see her walking here and there, handling more than one things at one time, full dedication and devotion, no signs of tiring on her face, all time fresh and smiley. I always surprise on her temperament and determination because research in Pakistan especially in Molecular Biology is not so advanced and managed. Students doing P.H.D have to face certain serious problems and unlike other students, she does everything so properly. Sometimes she needs to go PCMD three times a day in burning sunlight just for running a single PCR reaction because PCR machine of our lab is not working properly. For almost two months split Air conditions of our lab have some problems and every student including me are suffering from the hot environment of the lab. Everyone tries to get rid of this situation by searching any alternate for it even, leaves working for some time. Today when i decided to take a good rest at home, Yasmeen decided to come and continue her work, because she thinks that she can do her work more properly and with full concentration on a holiday, as lab is less crowded and there is peace everywhere in the building on a holiday. She does not want to waste her time as resting at home has nothing to do with her hard work. So, she came today and worked and rest of us rested at home and spent whole day by watching TV, listening National songs or some outing.

So i am right in my decision to call her a machine, because she celebrated Pakistan day in her own style by working and i did it by resting.

As i always wish,"I need holiday, holiday and just holiday".


  1. Actually urooj this is how all of us should try to celebrate...Remember what the Quaid said "work,work and only work".Today we're a third world country because everyone in Pakistan wants success but nobody is willing to put in the hard work required.

  2. If we all become like her and realize our duty then no doubt we will not be an "underdeveloped" country anymore!

  3. Bilal thanks for your coming and sharing of thoughts. Reebz you too.
    Sir Akhter thanks for your all time appreciation.

  4. This blogpost is full of charm and description of someone who now has become our heroine as well...and I'm quite sure we will all remember her when we get a little cranky about all the work we each have to do sometimes...

    Your description is fun to read.

  5. I recently learned that HEJ has received for the second time the prestigious IDB(Islamic Development Bank)award for Best scientific institute of OIC. Perhaps this is more due to the hardworking people like Dr.Yasmeen, although the leadership of this institute has been in superb hands, first Dr.Saleemuz Zaman Siddiqui, then Dr. Attaur Rehman and now Dr. Iqbal Chowdery.

  6. yes sir it's very true, but somehow ground realities are there to face. Whatever budget HEJ has been given, it could be more useful when utilized properly with full dedication and devotion. People like Yasmeen are few where as people like me are more, who do not understand their responsibility towards their Nation. I remember last year when i had started my research work, my senior colleague, Ishtiaq bhai told me one thing and that time i felt it by heart. He said, "Remember one thing, whichever facilities and equipments you are using, are actually coming from tax, tax which has been given by masses. A single sms which a common man sends, first pays its tax, so be careful. Do not think that you are not answerable, if you are not asked by anybody to misuse all these things. You have to answer in front of your own ego, which is connected to rest of your people."

    We need to feel the worth of it, just by then, we would INSHALLAH be able to make Pakistan's future bright.

    Hope for the best....

  7. Keep on with each of your beautiful efforts to "make Pakistan's future bright"...none are wasted and I'm here as a "witness" :)