Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thermodynamics of Love

I Love You and that is the biggest truth of my life, but the other side of the truth is that I am not like you or either you are not like me. If I am a shouting child, you are a calm elder; if I am a sensible teacher, you are a poor learner; if I am the center of the earth, you are the height of the sky; if I am the lava of a volcano, you are the cooling of a waterfall; if I am the desert sand, you are the first droplet of the rain I wait; if I am boiling water, you are the ice cube; if I am a burning fire, you are the waving sea; and if I am scorching summer, you are the shivering winter.

You often don't fulfill my expectations neither I do as you expect; I hurt you often intentionally or unintentionally, and you hurt me unintentionally; I am unable to approach your feelings and you are unable to understand my thoughts; I do not see world and life as you do; even then, I love you more than anything anyone in my life.

I do scold you, I bring my anger out at you, I do not care for your emotions and feelings when it comes to fire inside me, I give you pain, and as a result expect you to be as reactive as I am, as angry as I am, as fierce as I am but I wonder you would ever do what I want, I don't know. You never went horrible as I am often; you never went angry as I am often; you never reacted as I do often, and so I always thought of you as a senseless surface and hard like diamond.

I wanted to melt you and wanted you to be as angry on me as I am on you at times, but thought as would never be succeeded. Then one day I knew what it was all about and why you are just opposite nature.

Love is not a simple phenomenon, it is rather quite scientifically complicated and follows some rules in a quite strange manner. And one of that principle rules is the rule of thermodynamics; it says that the loss and gain of heat always remains constant, thus as the principle element fire, whatever I bring out as anger, intensity and temperature, you being very opposite in nature take it in and absorb it to increase the temperature inside, but that remains so low to the cold inside you, and thus doesn't lose itself but becomes the part of your inner self as heat and passion of my love that surges inside you. Likewise, when you senselessly react in a cold, careless but loving manner, you transfer that cooling inside me and the fire of mine inside is so intense that the temperature decreases but not to much extent, the coolness, the soothing sense doesn't go in vain but becomes the part of my self as the peace and harmony of your love.

So, whatever I want, I perhaps can not get it soon but slowly and gradually, you and me will come at equal and balanced level, whatever heat I will lose you will gain that, and whatever coolness you will lose, I will gain that; and thus I will see myself in you and you will see yourself in me; I will react in a calm way like you and you will love me intensely like me; I will face challenges with peace like you, and you will bear the pain like me; I will get your harmony and you will have my passion.

So, the day will come when I will become You and You will become I, no discrimination will remain and we will Unite and will be called none other than 'One'. I wait for the day; the day of resurrection.


  1. Have seen many poems in prose that express its meaning to the reader not from line to line abut rather when eventually the poem ends and one find the meanings surfacing. This piece of writing is prose in poem where every word and every line has been constructed in such a fashion that a whole pyramid is constructed on one single notion, love, and the ending line shows that in love eternity is not far away.

    The scientific reasoning amalgamated with thought provoking emotions have made this post a class act which is written with extreme flourish and intensity, great post Urooj.

  2. AWD, thanks for reading and liking the post. The story of Love from the very first day the Universe came into existence till the day of resurrection is unique on each step, and has many different dimensions one can see, observe and sometimes feel.

    As mush as I think about Love, as many parameters and scales it take to explain itself, and so it is the miracle of Love itself rather than my art.

  3. (i)
    "I hurt you often intentionally or unintentionally, and you hurt me unintentionally"

    So you know his intentions :)

    I am assuming that Universe is the container here. Imagine a sphere containing Universe (and total heat/love)

    -The Science of Love
    -Chemistry of a Relationship
    -The Fusion of Water and Dust
    -Law of Conservation of Love

    and now

    -Thermodynamics of Love

    Road to a book...

    Mailed you one of the titles (sshh.. it's not been trademarked) :D

  4. rIZ, thank you for reading, and commenting.

    (i) I wonder I know anyone's intentions in this world, but perhaps I only making guess :)

    (ii) Yes, Universe is a huge container having an internal heat of earth and external heat that it gets by Sun. The total heat remains same as whatever heat Sun gives, earth has tendency to absorb it and use it for its culture, and as an internal source of energy during winters.

    Road to a book.......?

    I don't know

    I have seen the title, it's not been trademarked but I think I will not be utilizing it :)

    Thanks for thoughtful comment.

  5. I think love is the only thing whatever we write about it, is not enough, and your post is very impressive i dont have words to admire u.

    Best of Luck For Your Approach About Love!!!

  6. Sumaira, thank you for reading and liking :)

  7. Sir Khurram, well writing sometimes seems hard. Me too waiting for my new post :)