Friday, May 4, 2012

Psychology of Knowing

I was sitting on my seat in point and waiting for driver to come and start driving so i could get myself free from the scorching feeling of the hot and humid weather by the entrance of fresh air inside the Bus. The point was full and jam packed with mostly the girls and few boys with lots of hustle and bustle.

When the Bus finally started its journey for the other end of the city to reach University, she came towards me by pushing some girls back who were standing in the middle. Like always, she had a paper in her hand which she was distributing and so executed towards me as well. I took the paper from her hand, looked at the questionnaire, read the outlines and then returned the paper to her.

She held it back and gazed me, I simply smiled and what I always do, just told her that I don't want to fill the questionnairre. She wasn't happy with my answer at all but didn't say a single word just gave me an odd look and turned to move towards other girls when I asked a question she would never have had experienced.

I called her by excusing and when she turned back and saw me, I said.

"This questionnairre says that you aim to analyze the attitudes and behaviors thus psychology, am I right?"

She nodded and so I continued.

"Tell me can you analyze the Psychology of God?"

She was stunned for a moment surprised for the second moment and then finally was frowned. This is what I got from her expressions.

"What are you asking to me?"

"I have asked a question that meant lot for me, if you dunno wanna answer then you can refuse." I replied.

"Obviously I can't analyze the Psychology of God, nobody can." That is what she replied in a surprising tone like she haven't considered my question as a QUESTION.

"Then you can't analyze mine as well." I smiled.

She again got puzzled for a moment by thinking on what I just said and then she went horrible but I was still saying.

"How you can claim that you aim to analyze the psychology of a human being when you can't analyze the psychology of God. How would you analyze creation if you are unable to analyze the Creator?"

She was speechless but altogether was so arrogant with her expressions.

"What rubbish are you talking? If you don't want to fill the questionnairre then do not but never ever try to tremble my faith."

"This is the part of the faith that I am telling you, if you think little about it you would understand. This is about psychology of Love and GOD is LOVE. All forms of Love that we see, feel and experience come from God, the only source Who created this Universe and all His creation with Love, and therefore without knowing and analyzing Him one can't know and analyze His creations."

This time she couldn't answer me or she didn't want to.

"Knowing God is as simple as recognizing the colors and smiles, hearing laughters, smelling enchanted perfumes, and to taste the food you eat. One needs to understand himself by knowing the God, and to know the God by knowing himself. Its like a two way process on a one way road. You know the God if you know yourself, and you know yourself if you know the God. And once you know yourself and the God, you are free and capable to know everything that exists in this Universe."

She again gazed me with an odd look but said nothing.

"That's why I asked you the question." I smiled and went quiet.

She went away in a moment and now I know one thing very well.

She would never offer me a questionnairre again.


  1. Agreed...

    But one has to start with something at least; to analyze human being initially :)

  2. hmm...if I were her...I would have sticked to you by now..dear Urooj...nice and smooth going...keep going.

  3. Your point is quite valid, Urooj, but don't you think that sometimes you can reach the Creator by analyzing His creation, the Quran tells us to look for His Signs in all creation :)

  4. Rizwan, thanks for commenting.

    Yes, one has to start from somewhere then why not start from ourselves.

  5. Thinking, thanks for reading and liking. You are always nice with my writings.

  6. Fatima, thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you on the point what Quran says to us, but all I tried to show was my own opinion about knowing. If you don't know yourself, you can't know others because knowing ourselves is the most challenging and difficult task. Even somehow if we know about us there are some characteristics of us that we don't accept instead of the reason that these are part of us, so if we are not justified in analyzing ourselves how can we do justice while analyzing others, and that's what we all do. We don't try to analyze or know others, in fact we try to judge them and that's where we lose the sense of knowing.

    I hope I have made my point now :)

  7. There is a saying that reads: Know thyself , Know Thy God or something to that effect.......But how does one know oneself, if I may ask? Can we ever be completely objective about our knowledge of ourselves? How do you define self-knowledge? And how is "judging someone" different from "analyzing" him?

  8. Seekeress, Thanks for coming and commenting.

    I believe on the saying, "Know others and you will know yourself".
    We are judgemental when we see, observe and analyze others and so do we same with ourselves. If one wants to know anyone, he/she should not act as first person or either second person, one has to act like a third person. A third person who is a stranger and will observe the strangers with a neutral eye which would not be biased and preoccupied with assumptions.

    The assumption that one makes without knowing others forms a thick layer of mist over the real image of character, and that mist slowly and gradually covers one ownself. Perception is nothing but a statement or a subjective judgement.

    We can be objective about our knowlefge of ourselves if we are successful in considering ourself someone stranger and not known , just encountered for the first time and we dont know anything about the person, just got the chance to know now.

    This is what my perception is :)

    I think you understand that.

  9. Excellent! I agree with your point. when she said "if you don't want to fill the questionnaire than don't but do not tremble my faith.", I thought what had Hallaj felt at the point when people accused him of him declaring "Ana al-Haq" I know I am going too far but really we don't understand Him like we should. We don't relate to Him, as its His right.

  10. Noor, thank you for reading liking and commenting. Every artist is known to us what his art has brought to us, every painter, writer, poet or scientist is nothing without the reference of his work that was shown to us. But when we talk about God, we treat Him like a Stranger while on the other hand we should know Him better than any other Creation of His because We have the capability to Look and See things with a different view with a different eye.

    We don't want to know Him with the reference of His creation. We don't want to See Him in the mirror of His Greatest Works. We don't try to look inside us where He lives with His all kindness and glory.

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