Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rung by Hadiqa Kiyani, Kalaam-e-Ameer Khusro (Coke Studio)

Laali merey laal ki
(The red hue of my darling love)

jit dekhun tit laal
(Wherever I look, all I see is red)

Laali dekhan men gayi
(I went to gaze upon that red hue)

main to ho gayi ap hi laal
(And myself turned totally red)

jis ki chunar rung diyo
(Whosoever's veil you dyed)

so dhan dhan wa key bhaag
(Happy was their fortune)

aaj rung hai ree maan rung hai ree
(Today there is colour, Mother! there is colour)

merey mehboob k ghar rung hai ree
(At my sweetheart's home, there is colour)

rung hai ree maan rung hai ree
(There is colour, Mother! there is colour)

morey khwaja k ghar rung hai ree
(At my khwaja's home, there is colour)

sab sakhiyan men chunar more maeli
(Among all the girlfriends, my veil is dirty)

dekh hansen nar naari
(Look! how men and women laugh to see)

ab k bahar chunar mori rung dey
(When spring comes this year, please dye my veil)

rakh ley laaj hamari
(Preserve my honor)

aaj rung hai ree maan rung hai ree
(Today there is color, Mother! there is color)

des bades men dhundi phiri hun
(I have wandered, seeking , from land to land)

tora rung man bhaiyo Nizam-ud-din Auliya
(Yours is the hue that has smitten my heart, O Khwaja Nizamuddin)

Nizam uddin Auliya, alauddin auliya
(O khwaja Nizam uddin, O Alauddin, 'Sabir')

Alauddin auliya, Farid uddin auliya
(O Alauddin 'Sabir', O Farid uddin 'Ganj-i-Shakar')

Farid uddin auliya, Shah Qutb uddin auliya
(O Farid uddin 'Ganj-i-Shakar', O Qutb uddin 'Kaki')

 Shah Qutb uddin auliya, Mueen uddin auliya
(O Qutb uddin 'Kaki', O Mueen uddin Chishti)

Mueen uddin auliya, merey data piya auliya
(O Mueen uddin Chishti, O my dear Data 'Ganj Bakhsh')

merey data piya auliya
(O my dear Data 'Ganj Bkahsh')

main jab dekhun, tab sung hai
(Whenever I look, he is with me)

ree maan, rung hai ree
(Mother! there is colour)

Khusro rain sohaag ki
(Khusrau, the wedding night...)

jaagi pi k sung
(I spent awake with my beloved)

tan mora man preetam ka
(My body and my beloved's soul)

dono aik hi rung
(Colour of both became one)

aey maati k deewaro
(O lamps of clay)

jo suniyo mori baat
(If you listen to what I say)

aaj Khwaja ghar rung hai
(Today there is color at my Khwaja's home)

tum jagiyo saari raat
(So stay awake, gleaming, all the night)

aiso rung aur naheen dekhun kahin bhi main to
(Such a 'color' I have never seen anywhere else)

mujhey apney hi rung men rung ley Khwaja jee
(Dye me in your own hue, Khwaja!)

 mohey rung basanti rung dey Khwaja jee
(Dye me the mustard-yellow of spring, Khwaja jee)

mujhey apney hi rung men rung ley Khwaja jee
(Dye me in your own hue, Khwaja!)

jo tu maangey rung ki rangayi
(If you ask a fee for the dying)

mora joban girwi rakh ley Khwaja jee
(Accept my budding youth as pledge, Khwaja)


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    Beautiful words...beautiful voice.

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  3. Thanks Urooj,for posting the kalam e Ameer Khusro.
    I loved it.

  4. Chaman, thank you for coming. Yeah the Kalaam is great and sung very well too.

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