Thursday, February 18, 2010

Balwa Mangal (بلوا منگل )

This is the name of one of Agha Hashar Kashmiri's plays, and i had no idea when i was going to read it that i am going to read one of the best literatures of the world. Although it is written in Urdu but it has half of its content of Hindi language according to the name of play, which is the story of a Hindu Brahaman Balwa Mangal.
The best thing which fascinated me is the grasp of language, the clear notion of Hindu religion and the harmony of Agha Hashar for Hinduism.

The Literature that can bring two different religious concepts, two different cultures and thoughts at a point where peace and Love become necessities to accept, is Consensus Literature. This dogma has been changed after 1935 and we brutally placed Agha Hashar with usual less worthy writers.

He no doubt deserves to be called as "Indian Shakespeare".


  1. hmmm..Urooj...thanks for sharing...

    Most unfornate of me as not ever read any of Agha Hashr novels or work.

    But if you lead me I will Inshallah want to read him too....

    I realy like the way you explain the core of the novel...

    Thanks !

  2. Thrilled to see Agha Hashar on your blog. He is one of the masters of Urdu playwriting. The colorful picture of the post also amply reflects the vividness of his plays and the broad spectrum that those plays displayed.

  3. thinking and Akhtar Sahib, thanks for your comments. It is also a thrill and wonderful experience to read such a good literature at this time of learning in my life. Thinking i will always be there for ur help.

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  5. That's amazing, great to know that esteemed literature such as this is available.

    It seems the story must be replete with fascinating insights! :)

    and I wonder which part you liked most?

  6. well i liked the whole play, but the most magnificent and affective part is the last part of the play. It is more expressive about the Love we usually claim for our loved ones, but can not validate it if needed........