Sunday, February 7, 2010

Something you should not expect from .........?

As the Trial of Aafia Siddiqui ended and she is supposed to be punished, with a deep sorrow I remembered something i forgot during these days.
Something that had given me the same feeling of uncertainty in our thoughts and may be in expectations too. Something i could not wish to share, if the same thought would have not tackled inside my mind.

"She was not upset but everyone was trying to make her upset by treating her like an abnormal person in the office. She didn’t do anything to be punished, anything which may harm anyone, which can be unethical or can be teasing for someone. Nothing was so bad for her except the behaviour of her colleagues. She didn’t hurt them. She only and only expressed her thoughts towards them that if a person dislikes something then nobody has any right to impose that one onto him or her. She didn’t break any rule but refused to attend the workshop that contained some vulgar material that she did not want to watch in a particular video.
It was not a local, rigid and conservative or fundamentalist organization. It was an international, so called intellectual, advanced and modernized organization being supervised under the well developed and well established European country which was one of the states always trying to prove them as representatives of freedom and liberty.
She was not a fundamentalist so called Muslim. She always tried not to hurt someone from her attitude, neither imposed her feelings on anybody nor showed narrow thinking. She believed on freedom of expression and at the same time she respected the ethical and moral values of other communities, wanted to be respected of her own. She was working in this organization for three or four years and she spent a good time there, therefore she often felt that people are so simple and nice around her because she was simple and nice herself but this is what that life teach us, “what we see is not, what is it in real”.
She forgot that the representatives of freedom of expression only show their mind liberty when they plan to make jokes related to the religious and moral issues of other communities. They are only liberal for publishing cartoons of the most respected ones for Muslims. They are not liberal for allowing Muslim girls to wear scarves in their schools, never show broad thinking for understanding the emotions of Muslims for their ethical and moral values."

After having this type of experience, no body can ever expect good from other side. But this is what we do every time and did this time too.............

What to say more??


  1. hmm...Dear happens with me most of the time.

    I expected someone to listen what I am saying but she/he is listening just to manipulate and pass it

    We all need a listner and a is our mistake to search these qualities in humans.

    It is not only the other happens in our own too....

    Nice post !

  2. Yes you are right. But this is the point where intolerance appears inside us. No one understands our feeling, and may be this is the most worst thing we sometimes face.

    thnx for Your comment.