Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still Worshiping Idols......

"An infidel with a wakeful heart praying to the idol
Is better than a true believer asleep in the Ka'bah."

Last night i visited one of my closed relatives and what feeling of shame i got there for myself, i hope i could ever be able to express it.
After some refreshment when i went in her kitchen in search of some water as i was not interested to drink any soft drink. For a while i searched for a glass then i found it at a side of the top. I got the glass, kept it in front of me and nearly started pouring water from the bottle when she suddenly entered the kitchen and after having a watch on me, yelled,"No, don't drink in that glass. We don't drink water in it. Take out other from the first right cabinet". I didn't understand for a moment, then stopped and asked to her,"What's wrong with this one?"
"A non-Muslim student comes here for tuition, we have kept it for him." she explained.
I could not decide what to say next after her justified briefing,"So it's mean that we can not drink in it, Reason?"
"Reason, what reason, i have told you the reason."
I surprised,"Is it the reason for forbidding me, not to drink water in this glass."
"Yes" she went out in drawing room very much satisfied, and i could not drink water at all after that, neither in that one nor in other.
Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H), broke all idols placed in Ka'bah fourteen centuries ago, but we, his followers perhaps still worshiping idols. Idols of our thoughts and perceptions, Idols of our self made religious and ethical standards.
In his Great Last Sermon, Holy Prophet declared that no one is superior on other whether Arab or non-Arab, but only one who has more "Taqwa" than others. Superiority is not on the basis of even religion, financial status or any other standards, and still we are dividing humanity, "I am superior than others. I am better than You. I am always right. I can never be wrong at all." What kind of perception, this attitude reflects. Are we trying to separate ourselves from rest of entire humanity. If Yes, then we are most stupid to try to get happiness in this way. This separation is like the separation of body and soul, since body can not claim itself living after departure of soul, we can not claim ourselves as living if we are not connected to humanity.

Like Abu Jahl said to the Idols of Ka'bah according to Iqbal :

"Do not go away from this abode,
Or if leave you must then stay in our hearts."

I read it in "The Republic of Rumi" and clearly understood now.
Are we doing the same thing?


  1. hmm..a very good post...suppose...if it happpens to some Muslim how would have we reacted...

    hmm...there a long journey towards truth and one have to learn so much before destiny....

    I am happy that you are learning....good work !

  2. Thinking thanks for your sensational comment.

  3. What a superb title and what sad story of a person who claimed to be Muslim but acted in a flimsy manner of a believer of some cast system. Nice and forceful way to condemn the atrocious behavior, Urooj

  4. thank u so much sir. Your appreciation really counts.

  5. How beautifully you conceived the whole idea in this post Urooj! I have also been encountered with these kinds of situations several times and each time I thought and wished that they could have read and understood the Quran.

    Getting out of the fantasy of being CHOSEN people [in terms of superiority on the basis of religion/cast/race] at some level in our society is really needed as the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) message is - which you also quoted- “An Arab has no superiority over a non Arab nor a non Arab over an Arab and a white person has no superiority over a black person nor a black person over a white person – EXCEPT BY PIETY AND GOOD ACTIONS”

  6. you explained it too very well.
    I liked your comment.

  7. Amazing!
    I can feel that you have full power on words and you can transform your thoughts very beautifully in "TEXT".Very convincing style and interesting.